Friday, June 27, 2008


We have been in Pensacola, arriving on Wednesday afternoon. It was an uneventful motorcycle ride, other than Greta Garmin (GPS) falling off the bike in Mexia and sliding down the pavement. We went back and picked her up and she was none the worse for the trip. Just a little scuff on one corner but she will works like a champ. I will be talking to the guy from Austin that sold us the "mount" for it when we get back to Texas. We have visited with Greg's mom, and sisters, and seen all the kids and grandkids since being here. Took pictures but no way to post them at this time. They will come later when we get back home. May go to the beach today and then heading back home first thing in the morning. Hopefully we can get far enough to avoid the evening thunderstorms that seem to pop up along the coast most every afternoon. Later to all, paula and greg