Saturday, July 31, 2010


The boys played a bit of golf tonight. I was outside with Jonathan but that wasn't enough, he had to get Papa out of the garage to play. AND Jonathan had to have a cap on....go figure.....
Wow!! That ball went a loooonnnnng way!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rainbow Bridge

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge,
Far beyond the hillside and across the final ridge.
A place of joyful waiting for the pets we loved so much,
Though we no longer see them nor feel their nuzzling touch.

They’re romping in the hillocks and rolling in the dales -
Health and joy apparent in the wagging of the tails.
How nice to know they’re happy; they’ve just gone to play.
True to us as always, they’ve not really gone away.

In pastures lush and sunny, in meadows tinged with gold,
They’re as they were so long ago and never will grow old.
We know one day we’ll follow – it may be soon or late.
Alert for our arrival, they’ll greet us at the gate.

Wet happy kisses rain down, as we caress the face.
A wonderful reunion; we’ll pause in fond embrace.
Then turn our footsteps heavenward away from Rainbow Bridge
And amble home together beyond that final ridge.

Eileen Bergen © 2006

You were a great little dog with a great big attitude, Tipsy!!

We will miss you!!

Monday, July 26, 2010


Farmer Dan sent me home with lots of peaches and lots of tomatoes. I am not exaggerating when I say that I ate tomatoes all weekend long!! Ever had a tomato sandwich? couple of pieces of bread, slathered with mayo or miracle whip, thick slices of fresh tomatoes, with salt/pepper??? So yummy!!! He sent a box of peaches for us, and one for my mom. Same thing with the tomatoes. There are many more tomatoes than in the photo, that was all I felt like posing for the picture.....he also let me cut some of his zinnias, he took some to market on Saturday to sell, there is a whole row of them and they were soooooo pretty!!


I went to Fredericksburg, by way of Round Rock, to spend the weekend with my friend, Susan. Can't believe I ran off and left my camera at home so my sweet DIL let me borrow hers. The Chili Festival was underway, we missed the glow on Friday evening but we were sitting along the roadway at 6 AM Saturday morning, waiting on the balloons to launch.
It was still pretty dark at 6, they actually didn't take off until 7. Think it was just a trick to get us up early......
There were only 5 balloons, not near as many as will be in Waco this fall, but it is still always an awesome sight, especially if you have never seen them, as Susan hadn't.
After the balloons left, Susan wanted to go for a ride in the country, maybe try to follow the balloons. But we soon lost them and just enjoyed the beautiful Hill country drive on an early morning. So needless to say, we were surprised when we rounded a corner and the balloons were sitting down beside the road we were on.
I would hope that the homeowners knew these guys were coming!! Although I do know what it is like to step out your door and find a balloon skimming across your backyard!!
Susan and I talked, and talked, and talked, catching up on lots of news. We mostly just hung out at the house. She is a real trooper!! Her husband insisted that we look like sisters with her new "hair", he said he kinda likes her as a brunette!!
Farmer Dan and Susan you guys lots!!! Can't wait to go back again!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Plumb loaded with plums.....

I posted our plums on Craigslist for $1.00 a gallon, you pick em. Had a couple of people come by, I could have cared less how many plums they took home, they loaded up. I really wasn't so concerned about the money, I only put a price on them because I knew if I said they were "free", the first person that came would strip the tree!! We still have LOTS of plums left. The plums laying on the ground came off of one limb that got so heavy that it broke off the tree!!!
We picked these tonight so I can take them to work tomorrow. I am going to leave a big container of them in the breakroom in each office!!! I will get rid of them one way or the other!!

Bad Mimi.....

I almost forgot that I had a camera during Jonathan's birthday party!! I am sure Jeremy will post some good shots SOME day......I have no idea what Jonathan was doing here, it looks like his "slow motion" follow through on something.....
Charley sat still for just a minute for a couple of pictures......
And another minute to look at her book, then she was up and running again.....

Friday, July 16, 2010

Congratulations Emily and Dustin!!

Emily and Dustin got married last Saturday evening. It was a beautiful, sweet ceremony!!
(I snagged these photos from one of Emily's FB friends, hope she doesn't mind......)

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Jeremy has become quite the dessert maker. He made these cake balls, and even decorated them like baseballs and footballs for Jonathan!! They were yummy!!!
The chocolate footballs were so rich, you could only eat one!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Golfer's Pants

Don't you hate it when your pants won't stay up while working on your swing???

Would anyone like some plums??

Just let me know if you want any.....

Friday, July 09, 2010

Jonathan spends the night....

A couple of weeks ago, Jonathan spent Friday night with us. He awoke very early so I put him in bed with us. He and Papa were catching some major zzzzzz's here.....
Then it was time for a golf lesson. Papa is showing Jonathan the correct swing......Woohoo, look at that ball go!!!
It is really tough playing golf with right handed clubs when you are a left handed fella.....