Tuesday, May 18, 2010


It has been a long time since I have posted anything. Paula has been doing all the posting for a long long time. A few nights ago I sat down and put a few thoughts together.

As I sit…..I think…….and….

These are the things… I think about.

These are the things… I remember.

Sitting in Granny and Pappy’s house that seemed miles from anywhere……

At night Granny would go out and gathered chickens in the dark.

The next morning we all got in the way

and chased chickens without their heads.

That evening everyone comes and we sit under the trees in the yard.

We eat fried chicken with home grown vegetables.

Sliced vine rip tomatoes- desert all of their own.

We all visit and play.

The adults play cards.

We all stay up late and play with our cousins.

As the night time descended upon us

the sky was lit by the stars of the yard, “The Fire Flies.”

They provided the light show to cap off the evening

as we all sat and talked.

It would eventually get dark

And oh so so dark it would get

and it would be time to go in.

It truly was very unspectacular but yet

It was the most spectacular time of our lives.

It was so innocent.

It was very special and we had no clue.

Having no idea about how special the time was

and that one day it could or would all be gone.

Life would become so complex.

Everything would seem to disappear.

The house would be gone.

Pappy and Granny would be gone.

We would all grow older.

We would all change.

We would all become different people.

In different times with different problems and different desires

with different perspectives.

I miss those times.

I miss those feelings.

I miss all those people.

I miss Granny and Pappy.

Oh….What I would give

To sit under the tree

and eat fried chicken with them again!

I can not have that

but I do have

The most spectacular memories.

Memories of them and everyone and

of the times we had together.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

We have returned from Atlantic City!!

I think we might stop trying to travel by plane, seems everytime we do, we have issues. Bad thunderstorms yesterday at DFW, flights backed up, many cancelled. Our flight was to leave Philly at 4:50, delayed to 7 because of storms in Dallas, then once we finally got on the plane, a thunderstorm broke loose in Philly and we sat on the plane for two hours!! Finally arrived at DFW around 12:15, no more flights to Waco until today. Thought we would just rent a car and drive to Waco early this morning.....wrong. No rental companies with drop offs anywhere close to home!! Finally called Dustin to come pick us up, we got home at 6 am this morning. I am tired!!!

And Mr. Trump wanted $24.95 per day to use the internet service in our hotel room so needless to say, we were out of touch for a while.....overall, we had a good time!! Will post more pictures later.

Monday, May 10, 2010


We had a thunderstorm last weekend, late in the day, just before sunset. Then the clouds parted and the sun shone through, and created a gorgeous rainbow, it made a perfect half circle, in some spots it was a double rainbow. I think this photo looks unusual with all the different lighting involved.......