Friday, June 13, 2008


Today we went to the Mayborn Museum. There was a lot of local stuff as well as the usual museum exhibits. The kids weren't too excited about most of the things on the first floor.
The Texas Longhorn.
Then we went to the second floor, where there was lots of hands on areas for the kids. Here, they are flying a plane.
Bricen was our country cowboy.
Kaila was our little country girl, cooking at the fireplace.
Bricen Huckleberry Finn.....
Papa got in on the fun, too. Here he and Bricen pose for a picture.
Mimi was even convinced to dress up like an Indian.
We spent about three and a half hours at the museum and the kids weren't even ready to go at that point. But we convinced them that we had been there about long enough, at least for Papa anyway. We stopped for ice cream sundaes on the way home.