Friday, September 28, 2007

Ready for the Rodeo

OK, we have got to stay out of the stores when Papa and Aunt Mo are gone on Friday evenings. Although Madison and I do have a good time when we go shopping. We did a few returns first and then went to Target to check out some sales from the paper. We did all sorts of damage but mostly we got some girl's winter stuff that was on sale. PJ's, leggings, sweats, and some Halloween shirts. I got these Wranglers she has on at a big consignment sale today that I hit on my way home from work. The belt came off of another "girlier" pair of jeans that I had bought earlier. The Wranglers just screamed "I need to be worn with boots!" After a stop at McDonald's on the way home, we tried on clothes. I have had my eye on the pink boots since last winter.
I just love 'em!! They don't have them in big cowgirl sizes, dadgummit........(The hat belongs to Aunt Mo.)

"OK, where's my horse??"

This is Madison's sexy cowgirl pose.....

This is her pouty cowgirl pose......note that we didn't even have time to cut the string out from between the boots........

The pink boots in all their glory......aren't they just too cute!!!

By the way, some people in Texas wear their jeans inside their boots just like this....... we call them "rednecks".........


Congrats to nephew Lucas Wright on his induction into the National Honor Society at
Robinson High School!!
Way to go Lucas!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Random Shots from the Birthday Weekend

These two are always doing something......
Samantha and baby Madeline Middleton.....not sure what they are looking at so intently.......

I thought they were plotting something until I saw the icing on Madison's hand....maybe that WAS the plot......

I wouldn't lick that hand if I were don't know where it has been.......

Nothing but sugar here.......this could explain why she was running laps in the house tonight.....


Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy 30th Birthday, Brandon!!!!

My firstborn, Brandon, turns 30 today. It is hard to believe that the time has gone so quickly.
Honey, I love you but I didn't remember your hospital picture looking quite like do have a nice shaped head though......
You were pretty happy.....especially when you were getting into were probably about the same age as Madison here......

This was 7th grade.......

And graduation.......And today.......Happy Birthday, Brandon!!

Love you bunches!! Mom, Greg, Morgan, and Madison

Ready for Church

Madison posed in her new outfit from Aunt Brenda.

Party Time

More birthdays........Joe turned 27 and Brandon turns 30......blow out the candles!!!

Woohoo!! Lottery tickets!! Maybe we will win......

You might think that these two kinda like each other.....

You might think by the way he looks that Roscoe has been warned to beware of this little person.....

Hope you had a fun time, Brandon!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

What a morning!!!

Well, we had an exciting Saturday morning. Greg left early to go on a canoe trip with his boss and guys from work. Madison and I had no plans, thank goodness. Morgan left at 9:30 to go to work. At about 9:45, I got a frantic call from her that her car had been rear-ended before she even got on I-35, less than three miles from the house. Madison and I threw on some clothes and headed out. Morgan was fine, just a bit shook up. She kinda got sandwiched between a couple of larger vehicles. Apparently, instead of feeding onto the highway, a guy two cars in front of Morgan stopped. The next guy in a large pickup also stopped. Morgan was next and SHE was even able to stop, although she said there were some screeching tires. But the SUV behind Morgan was not able to stop. He hit Morgan, pushing her into the guy in front of her. The Robinson police was there, as well as the ambulance service. Then along came the Texas DPS trooper, followed by the Robinson fire department. Madison thought all the excitement was pretty cool. I don't think she really wanted to leave the scene. After Morgan retrieved all her important stuff from her car and we got all the paperwork taken care of, we headed back home.

Morgan's poor little car. It was just a mess.
Greg's comment to her here was "your car has a bad case of the gone a**...."

The back window shattered but her air bags didn't deploy because it wasn't a direct hit in the front.

Wow!! Look at that shiny new muffler!! It is right out there where you can see it now.....

The guy in front of Morgan didn't have a scratch on his Dodge Ram pickup. She was pushed into his trailer hitch ball. That is where the dent in the bumper came from.

Morgan will drive the Geo Tracker until we can get something else for her to drive. I had purchased a new vinyl top for it earlier in the summer but we had never even taken it out of the box. Greg and I put the new top on it this afternoon and it really looks quite sharp. I will spend this week tracking down insurance stuff, and waiting to see what we will get out of the car. Pretty sure it will be totaled. But that doesn't help us starts the quest for another vehicle. But as I told Morgan, it is just a can be replaced.....YOU can't. So thankful that she was only scared and not hurt.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Pink Shoes

Mimi is such a sucker. Having had only boys at my house for years, pink was never a color choice. We found these pink Converse look alikes last week and I think I grabbed them before Madison even saw them. She wanted to wear them today. Then I realized that the poor daycare lady was not going to like me very much because I remembered how much trouble pants/pull ups/big girl panties are to deal with while the child is wearing shoes. And I had visions of Madison standing in the middle of the floor at "school", and her shoes being soaked and squishy because she forgot to tell them she "had to go". But all went well. I think at some point she decided she would rather be barefoot anyway........
Madison posing with our overweight Yorkie, Tipsy.

Madison and I went shopping after work yesterday and I bought like I was a grandma or something.....she got three more pairs of shoes, and a couple of pairs of jeans. Once her ensemble is complete, pictures will be forthcoming. Just keep in mind we are in Texas and it will soon be fair and rodeo time......
Papa had an out of town football game tonight and so did Morgan, performing with the band. Madison and I had a quiet evening at home. We stayed outside until dark, swinging and playing with the cat/dog, even eating supper at the picnic table. She helped water my plants and I potted up some new cuttings. She was tired, and went straight to sleep after her bath, a book, and prayers.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fun in the Tub

We played with Papa's shaving cream in the bathtub......

"Got milk???"

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Baylor Wins Over Texas State

Greg has been asked to be the liason for the Big 12 officials when they come in to town for Baylor games. He was able to get me and Madison in to the game tonight. I must be totally nuts to take a 2 1/2 year old alone to a high school football game one night and a college football game the next, although we did have a good time. First thing we did tonight was buy her the appropriate t-shirt. Then we decided it would be best to sit in the end zone as the bleachers are a little more roomy there for moving around.

Greg is the guy on the wide white sideline in the khaki slacks and black shirt with white stripes at the top of the sleeves.

The Baylor band and the Baylor line

Baylor has a beautiful stadium. I love to go and watch the games. The excitement is contagious.

The home stands were pretty full. There was a time when that was not the case.

Madison must think that a Baylor Bear has to look mean........

We went down to see Papa and let Madison take her picture with the Baylor Bear mascot but she changed her mind rather quickly and decided that she didn't want a picture.

Like last night, Madison made a lot of new friends. This young lady was a real sweetheart and kept Madison from biting the dust several times when climbing on the bleachers.

"Who's dat on the phone?" Madison made her way down the row to this young lady's husband, her mother, and then her dad.

Madison's last victim was this gentleman. I had to make up a story to get her to go with me when we left mid way through the fourth quarter so that we could beat the traffic. I think she was trying to convince me that I should leave without her. She had a good time and after we took a quick bath tonight, she insisted that she wear her Baylor shirt to sleep in. It didn't take long for her to fall asleep. Life is good!!!


Madison found a wedding "cap" and was modeling for me. Papa told her she was very pretty, and would make a pretty bride when she got married when she was 34........

Gangsta' bride......