Friday, February 27, 2009

Jogging Stroller

I have to confess.....I am a Craig's List junkie. But sometimes it pays off. Like with this jogging stroller. I answered an ad about it, thinking Jeremy would enjoy using it with Jonathan. I googled it to find out what they sell for and it was over $150. I didn't want to offend them but I also wanted to get a good deal so I offered her $35 for it by email, and she accepted. I was shocked!! But while we were setting up the drop off, she sends me another email that says her husband called and said he didn't want her to sell the stroller but to give it to me, because it had been given to them and he didn't want to make any money off of it. I didn't feel right about taking it for free so I asked her if I could possibly trade her some diapers for the stroller and she said yes. So for $35 worth of diapers, I picked up a great stroller!! Jonathan tried it out tonight.
Jonathan still likes the dog but he seems to realize that she looks different with her hair cut. But that didn't stop him from trying to get to her. I found this hat in the box of toys and threw it on his head while he was working to get Tipsy to come and see him.


Morgan has joined the golf team this year. She seems to be really enjoying it. She even got a hole-in-one at practice a couple of weeks ago. The Robinson girls won third place at their invitational golf tournament last week. Their next tournament is in a couple of weeks.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Job Fair

My co-worker and I went to the college criminal justice job fair yesterday at Tarleton State University, Stephenville, Texas. This is my other "child" who is also an alumni, sitting at our meager little table. Check it out. We were even using candy to lure the college students to us.
Now THIS is a display. Not to mention pens that they gave away. Notice that they are also a government agency so be sure that our boss will be questioned as to why Pretrial can't have a cushy setup like this.
We are planning to do a set-up similar to this for next year.....but BETTER!!!

There were lots of police departments in attendance.
My co-worker kinda liked this table. Note the leopard boots.....she wanted to wear them around to look at the displays.
When it was over, the co-worker took me to lunch at her most favorite-est restaurant in the whole, wide world! The shrimp scampi WAS very, very scrumptious!! And the homemade bread was to die for. Then we took a ride down memory lane.....she showed me a couple of places where she used to live, took me by the gazebo in the park where she got married.....the whole tour took about 15 minutes. :) But the day was a lot of fun and gave me some ideas for a job fair here at home.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Tipsy went to the groomer's today and got a new "do"!! She doesn't care for the bows......

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Jonathan liked playing with my silver bracelet today.
Then when he got on the floor to crawl and play, the dog wanted to chew on his foot.
Then it was time for his nap. Isn't this too cute?
Jonathan is growing so fast. I wish he would stay little a while longer.

Stick Horse

I finally remembered to throw the camera in the car this morning for this shot. It is on the way to church and every Sunday I wish for the camera. For some reason, I really like it.
I didn't climb the fence to get closer but I am curious as to what holds this horse together. I just think it is neat.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sun Dried Tomatoes

Brandon, this is what I told you about. They aren't packed in oil but I assumed they would still work well in recipes.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy President's Day

Since I had the day off, I headed to Round Rock to visit Charley. She is really growing, weighing in at 7 lbs. 1 oz.
Charley seems to be either eating, sleeping, or stretching. This is her sleeping.....
Charley's mom and dad got a new mattress today. Hope they all sleep well......

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Army crawl

We put a moveable board up several months ago to keep the dog in the kitchen as she was waking at night and wandering into the living room to leave puddles on the carpet. So her world is now in the kitchen/dining room/laundry room. Jonathan decided he was going to see what was going on on the other side of the board.
He has learned to do a type of Army crawl, dragging himself mostly with his arms and with a little bit of help from his legs. He was so pleased that he could get to the board, and look over at the dog. He LOVES the dog!!!
After today, I can't say that Tipsy feels the same way about him. She has been a bit curious about him but after he reached out today and grabbed some hair on top of her head and yanked, she isn't too keen on him anymore.
He also has his first teeth in the bottom. I guess he was teething on the board.
He was smiling at the dog!!

Totally entertained

What could Jonathan be so enthralled with?
Something has certainly caught his eye......
And whatever it is makes him smile.....
What has caught his attention?
The aquarium......he loves it and will sit for a long time watching the fish swim around!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Feeling Much Better

Jonathan is feeling much better. He was his happy self last night. We had a fun time playing. He ate well, had a splashing bath, took a bottle, and crashed.
He is such a cutie!
He was playing hard!!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Happy Birthday Millie!!

Have a great day!!

What a criminal.....

I have become a Craig's List junkie. I have bought a lot of good toys. I met up with a young lady at Walmart today at noon for an exchange. I got a Little Tykes plastic coupe (like the Flintstones car, most are orange and yellow and the kid's feet hang out the bottom and they push themselves around that way). The coupe wouldn't fit inside my car and it would just barely fit inside the trunk, the lid wouldn't close. The wind was blowing a gale, I was standing in the WalMart parking lot, I needed to get back to work, and I knew I had to keep the trunk lid down some way. I spied my pair of running shoes and decided to just unlace the strings from one hole. Hey, ok, I was too lazy to take the laces out of the shoe, all right. So I run the laces through the latches of the trunk, tie the laces together, and back to work I go. I checked it when I got to work and things looked ok. Imagine my surprise when I get a call from one of the security guards downstairs. He begins to tell me that he had been helping a young lady get to her car with a box and noticed three police cars parked around MY car. The lady officer was an acquaintance of his and came over to talk to him. They had already run my plates and knew that the car belonged to me. The reason they were there was that several people had called the police station saying that there was someone, or a body, in the trunk of a car on Franklin Avenue!!! I guess they checked it out and told the guard to have me park in one of the parking lots so people would quit calling. I went downstairs to see what all the disturbance was about and I have to admit, it DID look kinda funny. I replaced the tennis shoe with a bungee cord that I remembered was in the back seat. Only in Waco.......
Do people actually think that someone would be stupid enough to put a body in a trunk, leaving the lid open, and parking not 50 yards from the federal courthouse? Puulllleeeezzzeeeee......
"The Wife" was at Fort Hood working today and I IM'd her about what had happened. She said she was laughing so hard she might pee in her pants.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Charley at 3 weeks

We went to Round Rock late yesterday afternoon to visit with Charley and her parents. We hadn't seen her in over a week. She finally opened her eyes to look at us.
We picked up pizza from Papa Murphys in Round Rock where they build it for you but you bring the finished product home and cook at your own house. It was kinda cool. The pizza was really good, especially the stuffed one. Bought cookie dough, too. Yum. Charley didn't get any pizza....well, maybe indirectly.....
Samantha took me to look at Charley's room and her closet is full of pink clothes. She is going to be a very well dressed young lady once she is able to get out on the town.
She only got upset when her daddy had to change her diaper. The rest of the time she was just pretty relaxed. What a cutie!!