Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Kaila awoke earlier this morning than yesterday and joined me outside where I was working. Bricen slept in and when he woke up, we made a trip to WalMart. It was rather uneventful other than the amount of money that we spent. When we got home, Kaila was so excited because the cat would sit in her lap. She insisted that I take a picture of them.
Papa got home about 1:00 PM and we ate lunch. Then we all made our first trip to the Waco Waterpark. It is very "small kid" oriented so it was great for Kaila and Bricen. We stayed a couple of hours and had lots of fun. We didn't get pictures of the action because we didn't want to have to keep an eye on the camera the whole time.

This is what a couple of hours at the water park will do to kids.....
When we asked Kaila if she took a nap on the way home, her reply was that she had been "pretending"......yeah, sure.....at one point earlier her head had been turned sideways and her nose was shoved up against the carseat.
Is Bricen too cool in the sunglasses? I think he was asleep before we got out of the parking lot. These pictures were taken sitting in our driveway. I ran in to get the camera and no one even moved. Greg and I had giggled all the way home while watching them.
Tonight we grilled chicken. Dustin, Marci and Jeremy joined us. We had a great time...and a terrific day!!