Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Wednesday was a trip to the Cameron Park Zoo. I am ashamed to say that I have never visited the zoo since it has been remodeled. Bricen and I were the only "newbies" to it. We went early in the day, hoping the animals would be moving around.
Kaila wanted to pose with the leopard.
Bricen made a cute butterfly.....
Our happy group. We had a picnic in the park after we left the zoo.
Papa had a boy's baseball game to umpire so we headed over to watch (he is the umpire in the background).
The day was complete with a stop for ice cream.

Then it was home for baths and bed.


Lorie said...

Wow... with so much going on at my house, I have not been checking blogs. WOW!!! A lot going on here!!

The kids are Gorgeous!!!

You will be tired when this is over!!

Kellys said...

And you, Lorie, have not been about some pictures of the grad and the family?
love, pk

Lorie said...

Yes, I need to do a little blogging, but all the pics ARE on my smugmug site!!

Bricen looks like Kailen in lots of pictures. Then in others, I don't see it at all. It is funy.

They are too cute!!

Kellys said...

Thanks. Will check there. pk

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