Monday, June 16, 2008

The Weekend

I know you are all waiting breathlessly to see what we have been doing. Saturday, the kids and I ran some errands (Greg was at 7 on 7 football all day) and did a little shopping. Bought the kids some t-shirts (can anyone say Hannah Montana and Spiderman?) , an Incredible Hulk figure, and flip fone looking walkie talkies. Greg met us at Logan's Roadhouse for dinner and then it was on to Lion's Park Kiddie Land. The kids didn't know that their parents were meeting us there. They were very excited to see them and had a great time at the park. I was remiss in that I did not grab the camera when we left the house because at the time, I was thinking that we would make our way back home at some point. But that didn't happen. So no pictures of all the fun riding the rides. We all went back to the house where everyone settled in for bedtime. Sunday, the guys went off to work on a tile job and me, Ashley, and the kids went to church, where we met Dustin. Marci and Jeremy stopped by the house for a time as well (Jeremy wound up working on a couple of computers so he may not come back to visit for a while). But the house was full of happy noise all day. I had to come back to work today (yuck) and Greg was back to his school. We will really miss the kids when they return home. Will try to grab a few more pics before they leave.