Saturday, December 24, 2005

Short Family Update

I was told to let everyone know that it is me (Greg) posting so when I make spelling and grammar errors you do not think Paula is the goof ball. I tried to set this up a couple of weeks ago and failed. Paula tries once and makes me feel dumb. It worked the first time for her.

Well we are about to be sending Dustin off at the first of the year. He went down last week and signed up for the Marines. They are telling him that between Christmas and New Years they are taking him to Dallas to test and get his physical. The following week he could be shipping out to San Diego. I am so proud of him and he is so excited. The other day after he had signed the last form they had for him the recruiter out of the blue just looked at him and yelled "What the hell are you looking at me like that for son?" He told Dustin he was just messing with him. Basic is for 13 weeks. Dustin has wanted to do this for so long. I think he will do well. It is a little scary but it is like Dustin told the recruiter "When it is your time to go your going to go no matter where you are."

Morgan is not very excited about what Dustin is doing but she knows there is nothing she can do about it. She is doing well. She is a Cheerleader this year, Ran Cross Country, Played on the Volleyball Team, and is in Band. It wears me out thinking about everything she is in let alone taking her everywhere. Paula ends up totting her around more than I do.


This is a test. We are somewhat computer challenged but think we have stumbled into getting this correct.