Monday, August 30, 2010

Corpus Christi

I had a work retreat in Corpus that started Friday, ended on Sunday at noon. The view from the room was pretty nice, Landry's Restaurant is on the right side.
The room was really nice.....soft bed with a warm comforter because I set the thermostat at 65!!
The theme was something about Waves into the Future, or something like that. Me and my partners in crime.....again......
Me and my coworkers from the Waco peeps.....
Early morning photo out the window on Saturday....

Caribbean Rum Cake

Samantha and Brandon brought us a cute little rum cake from the Bahamas, apparently they make them there. This one was banana flavored, and shaped like an itty bitty bundt cake. We finally got to cut into it tonight. It was YUMMY!!!
All that is least until after the picture is taken!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Jonathan went home Saturday morning, then it was just me and Charley all the rest of the day.
The settings on the camera were off on this shot but I liked that the wind was blowing her hair and she was being still enough for me to take it!!

Kitty gittin' some love from Charley.....she got more than love from Charley but she is such a good, mild mannered cat. No matter how much hard love she gets from what children, I have yet to see her bite or even show her claws. As cats go, she's a good one!!
Papa made a new water feature that caught Charley's eye. We finally just took her shirt off and let her play in it.
Mmmmm......goldfish crackers and a cool beverage for an after nap snack. Sadly, Mimi has to head back to work so Charley went back to stay a couple more days with Nonnie and Pops. She was lots of fun. Hope she gets to come visit again!!


Charley has been in town this week while her parents are on their second honeymoon, celebrating their 10th anniversary. She stayed with us over the weekend, and so did Jonathan. I thought it would be good for the cousins to spend some time together. This was about 9 this morning, after they had had a big breakfast. Banana break!!
They seem not to notice how hot it is outside. They will play outside until they are made to come in where it is cool. Jonathan was showing Charley the finer points of throwing rocks from the driveway into Mimi's bucket that is for catching rain water. Needless to say, there isn't much water left in it!!
I think Jonathan must have told her some really funny joke, "did you hear the one about...."
The visit was not without a skirmish or two or three. They were in the big chair with all the balls we could find.
Race you to the last one.....
OK, we both got a hand on it, whose is it, Referee Mimi???

I am so glad that God realized that children should be no closer than 9 months apart, these two at 6 months apart were on the go the whole time they were here!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

San Marcos

Clerical support staff from all over the state met in San Marcos for a retreat last weekend, staying at the Embassy Suites. They put me on the top floor, the 10th. This picture kinda makes me dizzy, it didn't feel that way looking over the edge in person......
The hotel was really nice, and we each got our own room which was a living area, wet bar, and separate bedroom, and of course a bathroom. Two flat screen tv's.....
My four partners in crime, representing Austin, San Antonio, and Del Rio, and of course, Waco.
Our Chief, and my boy, Charlie.......
We had a lot of fun learning and visiting. We have another district-wide retreat coming up on a weekend in the near future in Corpus, joining with the Southern District of Texas. Looking forward to it......

Sunday, August 08, 2010

We're Back!!!

Ever try taking pictures from the back of a motorcycle? Sometimes going 70 miles an hour?? We took about 1300 pictures, thankfully taking that many there are some decent ones. Notice the water on the windshield and the wet road......we rode in rain many days, on some really scary roads, with no guard rails and steep drop offs!!!
Yes, look closely, that is sleet on the ground at the top of Pikes Peak!! And sleet coming down in the picture, that is why it is so light looking. There was thunder, lightning, and sleet. Thank goodness we rode the train up!!
The ride was beautiful......even the scenes in the rearview.....
Monarch the summit and at the bottom....What a beautiful lake!!
A timed always feel so silly waiting for the camera to click!!
I HAD to take this picture......will get rid of the "not so good" photos and post a link. We had a wonderful time, it was hard coming back....especially to 100+ temps when it was usually anywhere from 50 to 75 degrees while we were in Colorado!!! We are ready to go back!!!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

No A/C

In Poncha Springs last night in cabin with no air conditioning!!! It was in the 50's....great cool weather all week!!! Do we have to come back to that heat???On to the Royal Gorge tomorrow, not sure what is happening after that.....

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Happy BD!!

Happy Birthday this week Marci and Samantha!!! Hope y'all have a great day!!


We are in Colorado on the new motorcycle and having a great time!! Was so hard getting through the Panhandle, at one point the thermometer on the bike said it was 106, we were miserable. But once we got out of Texas, the weather began to cool off. We had a temp of 50 at one point in the mountains!! We have had rain off and on but wonderful cooler weather!! Time to hit the road.....