Thursday, July 30, 2009

Saturday w/Jonathan

Jonathan spent part of Saturday with me while his parents went to a movie.
Yum!! Vanilla wafers are good!!Trying so hard to catch this water!!

And trying to catch Mimi's goldfish!!
Standing alone.....but still won't walk.....
Doing the bear crawl when outside......

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Spotted this doe and fawn on the way out of the ranch.
Heading home, we saw this.
If you look closely, you can see that someone went inside the house and forgot to close the hatch of this SUV. A couple of goats had gotten inside. Looked like maybe someone had been unloading feed when they got called away......
We laughed and even turned around and went back to get these pictures. No way to get in and warn them of what was going on in the back of the vehicle.....


We stopped at LBJ's Ranch. They have a working farm that we really enjoyed. Greg and I had memories of things from our grandparent's farms.

It was really strange. I stepped into this barn with the dirt floor and immediately the smells took me back to my Papa's "car shed" where he parked his car. It was a combination of damp earth, oil, chickens just around the corner. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply, letting my mind take me back to another time.
LBJ's home where he grew up.
Lyndon Baines Johnson
LBJ's ranch house. Three rooms of this house have been restored just like they looked in 1968. It was like stepping back in time. Ladybird's request after she died was that the house would be open to the public and restored back to it's original state.
LBJ's amphi-car. He liked to take visitors driving in it and drive right into the lake on the ranch, acting like his brakes had gone out, knowing that it would float just like a boat!!
It was hard to know if the water was the lake or a river, they all ran together. Most of the lakes in the area are very low on water.
Someone was creative with this cactus. Note the P, D, and heart shape carved into it.
Two motorcycles coming around a curve. The rocks were really cool along the highway here.

Last Weekend

We are trying to take one weekend a month and travel somewhere. Sounds good, doesn't always happen. Last weekend we went toward Kingsland/Lake LBJ. Thankfully, there was cloud cover both mornings which made the temps a little cooler. Everything is so dry. All of Texas needs rain. The cornfields are ready to cut.
We stopped at Longhorn Caverns.
Rock formation that looks like a dog. Look familiar Maria???
We skipped lunch and had an early dinner in Marble Falls. This was a nice little grille where I got chicken fried steak and Greg got tortilla crusted fish. Was really hungry and food was really good!!
Spent the night at friend's lakehouse in Kingland. Breakfast was here. Full breakfast or bakery items. Really good!!

Just a swingin'.......

If you look real close, you can see where Papa left some of Jonathan's lunch on his face.....

Monday, July 20, 2009

And another cute picture.....

I robbed this from her aunt's pool pictures.....the last time both grandbabies were together I was too busy to get my camera out. I have to rely on others......

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Our "Baby Girl" Granddaughter Charley.... her red, white, and blue......

Monday, July 13, 2009

Fun Saturday

Jeremy was out of town this weekend so we kept Jonathan at the house for a while so his mom could have a break and get some things done without a year old tagging along. At Applebees, Aunt Morgan showed us a trick with a straw and then Jonathan chewed on it a while....
It was so hot outside that we got the pool out again. This time Jonathan really enjoyed it!!
And he really liked the bubbles that I blew for him......
I know it doesn't look like it but he DOES have on Lil Swimmers diaper-thingys.....

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

Happy 29th Birthday, Jeremy!!
(Had to steal this photo from Jer's blog)
And Happy 18th Birthday, Morgan!!
Hope you both have many more to come!

Thursday, July 09, 2009


Went to training in Fort Worth this morning that was pretty useless. But they did realize at the Federal Records Center that we like freebies. This is what I came back with, minus a notepad that I left in my folder. The wireless mouse and flash drive were pretty sweet. And the post it notes on the "pallet" were just too cute!! My alarm woke me at 4 AM, and me and a coworker were on the road by 6:30. Got back to Waco about 2 PM, so it was a quick trip. At least it got me out of the office for a while......
The tour of the archives was very interesting. The items of historical value are kept in a warehouse that stays 66 degrees at all times. It felt pretty good in there compared to the 103 degrees outside!!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

What were they thinking?

And speaking of things that are not quite right........this is directly across the street from my building. A smoke shop......yeah, right. From what I understand, there are no cigars, cigarettes, etc. in the place. But there are some water pipes, hookahs, juicy jays, starbuzz, zong, HBG and MYA (anything with initials alone scares me), illadelph, vapor bros, and something called greenlites, among other things, at least according to the writing on the windows. Why, oh why, would you open this directly across the street from the federal courthouse???? Isn't that just asking for trouble??

Monday, July 06, 2009

Patriotic Pastry

Co-worker's husband sent these donut holes to us today. They look a bit odd but they taste fine!! Kinda bizarre looking, huh?

This is just not right in so many ways......

Happy 1st Birthday Jonathan!!

Jonathan was mesmerized by the candles on his cake. Mom baked him a cake just his size.
Next the presents.....
This birthday stuff is fun!!!
Happy Birthday Jonathan!! Mimi and Papa love you!!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Happy Birthday Ashley Kelly!!

Hope your day was great and you were able to relax a bit after Kaila's celebration yesterday!!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday Kaila!!

Hope you have a lot of fun at your swimming party!!
Mimi and Papa love you bunches!!!