Saturday, March 31, 2007


The weather cleared and the sun came out today so we started on the patio cover. It had a shed roof that had never had enough "pitch" to it so had problems with runoff and water causing some rotting. Greg and I spent the better part of the morning on top of the house, removing shingles and decking. Dustin got here to help and probably had worked about 5 minutes when he whacked the $&#@ out of his ring finger. It swelled up and made a terrible blood blister, not to mention the fact that he will probably lose that fingernail. He wasn't much help after that. I doctored him as best I could and got back to work, which the way I feel about unprotected heights was taking a lot of guts for me. We squatted, bent over, and lifted all day long. Tonight we are just hoping that we can get out of bed in the morning!! Neither of us does much physical labor during the week so only time will tell. Hopefully, the framing crew will start working on the new roof tomorrow. Then, sometime soon Greg's roofers will come out to reroof the whole house. After that, we have plans of a small deck, a hot tub, and a fish pond/waterfall. Big plans, huh?? : ) 'night all, paula

Bluebird Nest

This is a nest that I just discovered in the blue bird nesting box. It is very unusual to see bluebirds in our area. Greg and I have seen them flitting around but they keep their distance from us. Hopefully I can grab a few more shots after the eggs hatch.

Veggie Update


Well, we finally got rain. Lots of it. And within just a few days. It has been cloudy and rainy all week but really got serious about it last night and tonight. We had tornado warnings this afternoon and the judge closed the courthouse so we could all go home early to try to miss the weather. Luckily, I got home just as it started to rain really hard. After it stopped raining, we went to check things out. The first picture is taken looking up our driveway. The second is behind our garage where the veggies are planted, and the last picture with the police car is the road from our house that I take every day going to work. Thankfully no one was trying to cross. The fire truck was there as well and they closed off the road until the water went back down. Morgan has had two softball games cancelled this week because of the rain and our work on the roof has been moved back. It is lightning right now so we could be in for some more rough weather tonight.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Our children love us SOOOOOO much!! (PS The young lady on the far right in the tan jacket is our pediatrician daughter-in-law who only has three months left in her residency, and she and my son will be returning to Texas from North Carolina this summer! YAHOO!!)


Sunday, March 18, 2007


Greg has been warting me about wanting to plant a garden. Today we went to the nursery and bought a "yard" of the most beautiful soil (I know some of you don't think soil is beautiful but I know as a fellow plant person Millie will know what I am talking about), and some veggies to plant in it. We got tomatoes and peppers, and put them in raised beds. We shall see what happens from here. The good thing about it is that we didn't use all the soil. Now I have a nice sized pile of it behind the garage. That means that I MUST buy pots to put the dirt in and plants to go in the dirt!! Life is good!!
Last week was spring break and Morgan spent most of it helping a group from our church do work for a lady through Friends for Life. Long story short, the house was in a terrible state of dirt and disrepair, and she came home with a gross story every day. She worked very hard and was very diligent in continuing to go back every day, in spite of how nasty it was. She and I both took the day off on Friday and we spent the day shopping for spring clothes. It was great fun but my credit card can't take those kinds of days very often!! By the way, Morgan is doing great learning to drive a car with a standard transmission. She and I spent yesterday cleaning her car, which included a wash and wax job, as well as a stylish steering wheel cover and fragrant lei of flowers for the mirror.
Anxiously awaiting Ashley and Brian's little Kate!! Praying for a safe delivery!!
Everyone have a good week!! paula


Morgan and I spent last Saturday painting her room. We thought we had done so good by picking a color from a sample on the internet. When we got home with the paint and opened the can, my first comment was Pepto Pink!! Morgan's first comment was that she thought it would glow in the dark!! We went back to the paint store and picked a little bit darker color. It is a very pretty mauvy/rosy pink, still a bit bright but a very pretty color. We just got her curtains hung yesterday. She has lots of mirrors and crosses. It is a very, pretty "girly" room.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Saturday Basketball

This is how Greg spends a lot of his Saturdays......
We got Morgan a car today. It is a 1997 Dodge Neon. It is very clean and the price was very right!! She is a little apprehensive because it has a standard transmission. But it will be easy for her to learn and she will be a more aware driver because of it. I think her first lesson will be in the school parking lot within the next several days. She will get the hang of it quickly!!
Morgan is at a church youth car wash today. The day is windy and very cool. But the sun is out and that should help them stay a little warm.
Enjoy the weekend!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Powerlifting for Morgan is over and softball has just started!! It is hard to believe that in just about 12 weeks, her first year of high school will be over (she is presently ranked #2 academically in her class) and she will officially be a sophomore. Even harder to believe is that in a few short months, she will be 16, getting her driver's license, and clamoring for a car!! On the lookout for something small and sporty, clean, affordable but safe.
Think maybe the groundhog was correct. Our weather is warming up and it makes me want to work in the yard. We could use some rain. Everything quite dry again.
Hope everyone is healthy and ready for spring!!