Sunday, December 24, 2006


Here is our little "rocket woman" (minus her face paint and with reindeer horns), leading the high school band at the Robinson Christmas parade. The weather was wonderful and everyone had a great time!!

Robinson Loses Heartbreaker

Being busy has kept me from posting results from the football game. That and being totally upset about the outcome. Robinson lost 35-34, on a bumbled play for the extra point when going for 2 with 18 seconds left in the game. It was hard to understand why the coach didn't have them just go for the kick to tie and then let them pound it out in overtime. At least that way the boys could have felt like they tied them in regulation play. I guess we were lucky to even be that close when we allowed their defense to score three touchdowns on two fumbles and a blocked kick. But, the guys have nothing to be ashamed of. It is just so sad that they came so close to not come away with the championship.........

Monday, December 11, 2006

Robinson Advances to State Playoff

Robinson has made it to the State playoff. They beat Ingleside 62-21 Friday night. Greg was not able to get off work for us to go so I picked up chinese food and we sat in the warmth and comfort of our own home and listened to it on the radio. There was sleet and a few snow flurries before and during the game even though New Braunfels is farther south. Morgan has been a "sort of" mascot during the playoff games. The band directors asked her if she would be interested in doing it and they rounded up a costume from several years ago, cape and "beanie" included. She also paints her face blue and white, the school colors. She has been called "rocket woman" (we are the Robinson Rockets) but maybe "rocket person" is more politically correct. She runs out on the field at the end of the halftime show and then stays down there through the end of the game. She is having a blast (no pun intended) doing it!! I will try to snag a picture to put on the blog. We play a team from Texarkana on Saturday, 6 PM, at the SMU stadium in Dallas. The stadium holds 32,000. I have no doubt that the Robinson side will be full!! This is sooooo exciting!!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Robinson Rolls On

Robinson beat West Columbia last Friday night, 42-14. They now play Ingleside tomorrow night in New Braunfels in the semi-final game. The kids are getting out of school at around noon. It is a three hour trip for us, at best. Especially on school buses and trying to get through the capital city of Austin where traffic can come to a stand still on any given day at any given time. I hope the last person that leaves Robinson turns off the lights........

And just for information purposes, two bushels of oysters from Joe Patti's are a few too many........

Monday, November 27, 2006

Thanksgiving in Pensacola

Kaila 4 1/2 years, Madison 2 years, Bricen 15 months

We spent Thanksgiving in Pensacola, visiting Millie, the kids, grandkids, siblings and their families. The weather was great and we couldn't have had a better time. Before we knew it, it was time to return to Waco. But not before we spent a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with the P.J. Imhof family, watched elves try on their Christmas costumes, bought seafood at Joe Patti's, and chased grandkids on new bikes. We have so much to be thankful for!

The Robinson football team continues to win. This Friday night, they play West Columbia at Kyle Field in College Station. For those of you who have only seen the stadium on television, there is no way to explain the size of it or the Texas tradition that goes along with it. Morgan will get to march in the band on this field, as well as the football team getting to play there. It will be awesome!!

Happy holiday shopping to all!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Driving Permit

Morgan got her driving permit yesterday. It was the first day that she didn't have something planned that we were able to do it. We made it through the gauntlet of people/paperwork this time. We had tried once before only to find we didn't have everything we needed. She took her written test and passed with flying colors!! I let her drive from the grocery store in our little community to the house, about three miles maybe on a semi-country road. She did a good job and neither of us screamed...........much! : ) She will have until July to drive with us and have us assist her in honing her skills before she gets her real license.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Gourd Website

Saturday, November 11, 2006

It Was a Great Saturday......

Greg refereed the championship game today of 4th, 5th, and 6th graders in Lorena. It was beautiful, a sunny and cool day, great for being outside for football. (Greg is on the far sideline.)

And by the way, for all you inquiring minds, Morgan and I went to the gourd show today with my friend. It was quite enlightening. Those people are serious about their gourds!! They had some beautiful artistry, as well as great creativity. Morgan did have a hard time getting over the fact that we were at a gourd show but she got a free lunch out of the deal for going so it was all good!!

Veteran's Day Parade

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Robinson Band Ranked in Top 20 in State of Texas

The Robinson High School band didn't make the finals Monday night but they are still one of the 20 best bands in the state of Texas!! The kids were treated to quite a weekend. They took charter buses to the competition in the Alamo City, stopping in San Marcos on the way down on Sunday evening to eat dinner. They spent the night in San Antonio and marched at 11:00 AM in the AlamoDome. They changed clothes and went to the Little Red Barn Steakhouse, and then went back to watch the remaining bands and wait on the results. They headed home after hearing the results and eating one more time. All of the expense of the trip was paid for by a combination of money alloted by the school and money raised by the hard work of the band boosters. The kids were disappointed not to make finals but they have done a great job this year and made Robinson proud!!

Tomorrow is the last high school football game of the regular season. Greg referees at Axtell, a small community in the area, and Robinson plays Lorena. I will go to the game to watch Morgan march their show one last time. Earlier in the day, the band will march downtown in the Veteran's Day parade. By the way, I have the holiday off tomorrow. :)

Greg's reffing of basketball has just started, and Morgan is doing some power lifting and off season softball practice. Morgan brought home a great report card with all 100's and upper 90's. And these are Pre-AP classes. She is doing a great job!! She is juggling her school work, band, athletics, and church, and still making terrific grades!

My best friend from high school is coming into town this weekend. She is coming to attend a gourd show. Now doesn't THAT sound exciting!! We are to have lunch together on Saturday and I may just go see what this "gourd stuff" is all about. Stay tuned. :)

Our weather has gotten quite warm again. And of course, the holiday ads and Christmas music have started already. Hard for me to get into the spirit while wearing shorts!! Bah-humbug! I am quite the Scrooge this time of year anyway. You can ask anyone......

You guys have a great weekend!! love, paula

Sunday, October 29, 2006


I spent all day yesterday watching 17 bands compete to be in the top 7 in order to perform again last night for 3 positions that will advance to the state competition. Robinson made the cut but was not in the top three from the morning marching. So they had to step it up for last night. After the marching was over last night, Robinson was the #1 choice!! The kids are so excited and Morgan is ecstatic!! It is quite an accomplishment for any organization to make it to the state level. It takes lots of dedication and determination. These kids put in many hours of practice before and after school. I am very proud of the band, and so very proud of Morgan!!

So we are San Antonio bound a week from tomorrow, Monday, November 6!!!

Hope everyone has a great week!! love, paula

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Aren't these cute pictures???

Robinson High School Band Advances to Area Contest

The Robinson High School Band got a rating of I at the UIL Region marching contest on Saturday at Waco Stadium, advancing them to compete against 16 other bands this next Saturday in Area competition at Waco Stadium. They perform at 12:15 PM. Morgan was originally a little apprehensive about being able to march and play at the same time. But she has discovered that she can do it and she actually enjoys marching!! The competition this week will be tough and if they advance, the State contest is November 6 at the Alamodome in San Antonio. Keep your fingers crossed!! Good Luck Morgan!! (Morgan is the saxophone player in the middle of the picture.)

By the way, this is the same band that I marched in, as well as my two boys years later. They were both in the band when they won the State Marching Contest in 1994, and my youngest in it when they won again in 1996. Robinson has had a strong band program for many, many years and are well known state-wide. In years past, the band was marching almost 300, which is close to half of the enrollment of a Class AAA high school, and more than most larger high schools or colleges march. So it isn't nerdy to be in band at Robinson!!

Greg has three weeks of football refereeing left (not including playoffs), and basketball meetings have already started. He really enjoys it.

It is finally raining today in Waco which is quite a blessing. We are way below average in rainfall, and yards, plants, and trees have been showing the stress. Hopefully we will have a wet winter to help us catch up.

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week!! love, paula


Morgan's last volleyball game was last night and they are officially undefeated District Champs!! They had 29 wins with 2 losses for the entire season. The girls worked well together and had a lot of fun!! Congratulations, Morgan, you did a great job!! (Morgan is on the back row, second from the right)

Friday, August 11, 2006

Happy Birthday Morgan and Jeremy!!

Morgan and my youngest son, Jeremy, share a birthday on July 11th, Jeremy turning 26 and Morgan 15. We all went out to our favorite steak restaurant for dinner. As you can see, Jer just didn't share Morgan's enthusiasm with the whole "swing the napkin over your head" celebration. We did have a good time. Happy Birthday Jeremy and Morgan and wish you many, many more!!

School about to start next week and Morgan is keeping us hopping. She made the volleyball team (YEAH Morgan!!)so between band practice and volleyball practice, it is non-stop. Being a freshman certainly steps up the activities!!

My dad is still about the same in ICU. Two surgeries in 10 days for an 81 year old man is pretty tough. I do appreciate the emails, as well as your thoughts and prayers. We just take one day at a time.

Still working on the house. Are planning to move in by the end of the month so that means between Morgan's activities, hospital visits, and working, we must fit in time to move!! Life is good!! I just wish for a cool front and not these over 100 degree days that we are having so that moving would be a little easier.

The other picture is Morgan's birthday present, a beautiful old cedar chest that belonged to her "surrogate" grandmother that was her neighbor for many years. We lost Marcia to cancer earlier in the year but she is not forgotten.

Love you guys, paula

Monday, June 12, 2006


Dustin had an emergency appendectomy in the wee hours of Sunday morning. He had been uncomfortable since sometime on Saturday. The surgery was successful and he is still in the hospital at this time. He is awaiting orders as to whether he will be able to come home for two weeks for sick leave before returning to light duty at camp. Greg can follow up later with details.

Morgan left Waco to DFW at 5:00 AM this morning with 11 other church youth, and 3 chaperones, to fly to Glorieta, New Mexico for a week's camp. She was very excited. I am sure they will have a great time.

We hope to do some more work at my house this week since we will have no softball games, school activities, etc. The bathroom is almost complete and I need to find some paint for the dining room/kitchen. I am excited about getting everything clean and put back in place.

GO MAVS!!! love to everyone, paula

Friday, May 12, 2006

Happy Birthday Greg!!

This is a little out of sequence but I was just able to snag this picture from Greg’s birthday in April. Morgan and I took Greg out on Monday before we left for San Diego for his birthday dinner. We decided to go to Texas Roadhouse, the restaurant that Dustin had worked at. We know all the waitpersons there and it is really like our family. The girls tell us all their stories of boyfriends, parties, etc. We give them advice in return. Good advice, I might add. In fact, we are there so much that I am going to ask if they will put a wireless internet connection in so that we can watch sports, drink beer, and check emails/work on the computer!! :) Anyway, Greg had threatened me over the years, and even as we walked in that night, not to tell them it was his birthday. I promised him that I wouldn't. Little did he know that a server named Jackie was going to be working that night and she had already text messaged me earlier in the day to tell him happy birthday so the cat was pretty much out of the bag. Needless to say, at the end of our meal, here they all come out, singing and clapping, pushing the saddle that they make you ride. I had to cover my mouth to keep from laughing!! I must say, he was a good sport about it. He did climb on the saddle and swing the napkin over his head, just like he was instructed. He had muttered something under his breath about whooping and hollering to embarrass us all while he was doing it but he didn't. I was very proud of him!! Happy Birthday, Greg!! I love you!! paula

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Thanks to Everyone

I want to thank everyone for their support. As you can see Dustin got a lot of support and after talking with him I know that it made a big difference. Thanks!!!!!

Well this morning I dropped him off at the airport and he is on his way back to California. He has 8 weeks at Camp Pendelton for additional training and then he will get assigned his duty station. He is still hoping that he will have an opportunity to go Recon. We will have to wait and see. His 10 day leave really went by fast but we had a lot of time to talk and I am proud to say the Marines have improved an already super kid. While he was here he bought a phone and we will be able to keep in touch with him. If anyone would like his number just drop me an email and I will get it to you.

Morgan is changing schools this week. Today is her first day. She wanted to attend the last part of this year before starting High School next year. Morgan's grades are unbelievable. I am so proud of her hard work and self disciplined study. She earns her great grades. Tonight after going to her new school she will be playing softball against her new school mates. We will see how that goes. Keep you posted.

I must report on how Paula held up. Earlier I told you she had to be a saint to be able to put up with me but we would see. Well I am here to say she is and the simple fact that I am still alive is proof. I can even get on my own nerves sometimes let alone someone else.

Thanks again to everyone!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

What A Day!!!!!

Family Day was great!!!! When we got to the MCRD at 7:00 am, the soon-to-be Marines were on the Parade Grounds practicing for graduation tomorrow. Dustin was about 300 yards away and we were able to find him out of about 350 recruits. It was great. At 9:40, all the recruits lined up right in front of us to start their 4 mile stroll. He was only feet away. Of course, he was not allowed to acknowledge anyone. They started the run and they made a pass right by us about 10 minutes after they started. As you can see, he did see us (problems with picture download-picture to come).

We went to lunch after he became a Marine. We ate at a buffet at a restaurant on base. We were able to keep him from scarfing in 5 minutes. We sat there about an hour talking and he then went for seconds. It was so funny watching these young guys later eat candy. They haven't had anything like it for almost 13 weeks. I am sure some of the bathrooms will get a lot of use tonight. You would think they were eating gold!!!!! Lifes simple pleasures have taken on a new meaning for these young men.

Dustin left as a boy and after visiting with him for 4 hours today, he is definitely a young man that has had an awakening. Things matter. It is a beautiful transforation. He has grown up and he is seeing life thru different eyes. It is great talking to him.

As you can see, he looks great (check out the BC glasses). All we wanted to do was just sit and talk and that is mostly what we did.

Tomorrow, Graduation is at 10 am and by Noon, he will finally be ours for 10 days. I really do not think any of these young men will sleep much tonight. It was such a wonderful sight and feeling seeing all the young Marines and their families. Everyone was so nice and excited. Truly proud to be Americans. All these young boys believe in Honor, Courage, and Discipline. It all matters and is important. Such a sharp contrast to so many young people in our society today. Dustin has found a new set of brothers.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I am Still Alive

Well we made it through another day. Paula does not act as if she is about to kill me yet. I personally think she must be a saint to be able to put up with me for over 24 hours at one time. We will see just how saintly she really is by Sunday afternoon.

Well tomorrow we are leaving the hotel at 6:30 for the MCRD. We should be there in time to see them run their last 3 or 4 mile run. At Noon family day starts. We are not going to venture too far from the base because if Dustin is late at all he will get to enjoy Boot Camp one more week. Update tomorrow. Oh let me tell you the flora is wonderful!!!!!! He I am not dumb all the time.

We saw the ship that they filmed the Russell Crow Movie, Master and Commander. It is in a museum. There is so much to do here and it may be good to get back to work so I can get some rest.

Having a great time in San Diego,
Greg and Paula

San Diego

Well we got here yesterday and the weather could not be any better. We walked up and down Harbor Street. Paula found her boat as you can see and we found a nice restaurant and ate Oregon Oysters. They were really great. Of course they should have been as expensive as they were but I hope they did not run out because we are going back for more today.

Paula and I have all day today for ourselves. We are going exploring. Tomorrow is family day and we will get to spend half the day with Dustin and Graduation is Friday.

Oh by the way. I got in trouble yesterday for hurrying Paula. She wanted to spend more time looking at and studying the Flora and Fauna!!!! It is pretty!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Morgan's Katrina/Rita Weekend

Hey guys long time no post!!! Well there is no new news from California. I guess they were serious about having less time to write. To tell you the truth I do not expect any letters to be written by him this week anyway. It is probably the most physically demanding week of his life. I can not wait to hear about it. As soon as I know anything you will know also.

This past weekend Morgan went with her church group down to Vidor Texas to assist those affected by the hurricane, Katrina/Rita. We bought her some tools and she left Friday afternoon with a smile on her face. She went with Jeremy,Paula's son, and his wife, Marcie. While they were down there they all slept in a church each night. The first night they did not get there until 1 am. Needless to say she was ready for some sleep. The next couple of days they worked from 7:30 am till after dark each day. When she got home she was telling me about her new appreciation of construction work. She has also grown a fond attachment to her hammer. She says that she really has an appreciation of having a roof over her head like never before. I think she had fun although I know she was really spent by the time she got home. She slept the entire next day after getting home Monday night around 9:30 pm. I was very proud of her!!!!!! My little missionary... I keep telling her that she might look into the Peace Corps. My only fear is I am sure they are for the most part the biggest Liberals around and I am not sure how her conservative up bringing will fit in. Oh well!!! I guess we will just have to wait and see. Morgan says, "Why hug trees when you can hug people!!!" My only hope she is not talking about the local BOYS.

Love you all and Happy Wednesday!!!!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Dustin's Friend Adam Joins Marines

Hello everyone!!!!

Well it is another day in paradise and all is well. Today I received a letter from Dustin. It was the first letter from him after he found out Adam, a football buddy of his, has joined the Marines. I had told Dustin I did not think Adam knew what he had gotten him self into, just like Dustin. Adam had asked me if Dustin liked it? I knew then Adam did not quite fully understand bootcamp. Dustin said, "Man, he is in for a surprise now. ( You were right I had no idea what I had gotten myself into and I guarantee he doesn't either.)" Dustin gave me three simple things to tell Adam to help him and I am trying to get ahold of him before he leaves.

From Dustin's letters it is very obvious that he has done alot of self introspection (I think that is the word)or how about soul searching or self analysis, to try to figure himself out. Basically it just sounds like a young male that is growing into a man.

It sounds like he has adjusted very well to his surroundings. I am sure it has gotten easier but probably even more is the fact that all the recruits have adjusted and become more like they are supposed to be, young Marines. They have been trained, they changed, and now is just the way they are. John and Jeff probably understand it better than any of us. It is totally Greek to me. The closest I got to doing it was taking the ASVAB test.

Well needless to say I am very proud of the soon to be Jar Head. Just 5 weeks left. Yesterday was Gas day and apparently it did not kill him. He has qualified with his rifle. Crucible is next week and after that he is back in San Diego so we are good to go.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Paula's Comments

Paula posted a comment to my post but I wanted to be sure everyone saw it. I guess you could say it is her "parliamentarian Point of Clarification". So I wanted to make sure everyone was clear.

Paula's comments,
"He took my comment so literally. My point was that there was more to getting married than just signing the paper and combining households. We both have things to work out as well as me having 25 years of "garage sale" stuff to get rid of. Stay tuned. This should be good.......luv you guys, paula"

To tell you all the truth I am just lucky she would even consider the possibility of hitching up with me. I am a very lucky man.
Well I also wanted to let everyone know I am about to wrap up the 3 year remodeling project I have been doing on Paula's extra bathroom. You should have seen it. I gave her a custom texture job on the walls a couple of weeks ago. Well yesterday I took a blade and removed most of my custom texture job and will attempt a different custom texture finish. She was right it wasn't right. Well I think there will be less than 6" of plaster on the walls when I get done but at this rate I am not certain. Ha Ha Ha I am reminded, If at first you don't succeed.... Well you know the rest. My hope is to have the bathroom complete before we go to California. I got a letter from Dustin and an update is forth coming. Love Ya GK

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

No Dustin News

Well just like Dustin had said he was told they would not be able to write for awhile and I guess they were not kidding. We have not heard anything so there is no new news. As soon as I have any new info I will post it.

But Morgan is real busy. She is running track at school. Today I went to pick her up after practice and she was still running after many had already gone home. She starts softball next week. They are going to have 16 on their team this year. It is really too many but they do not have enough for 2 teams. She has done very well all year in school. She is not like I was because I had to really work hard just to get an acceptable grade. She works hard but her grades are far better than anything I could have ever wished to have achieved.

Paula is doing well. I know that many of you actually talk to her more than I do. We are looking for a house to buy together. Just in case some of you do not know she has said she will Marry me with one condition. You know there are conditions with everything and this was no different. She will marry me as long as we have 2 Garage Sales first. I hate having Garage Sales but I guess I will have to suck it up. We will have to see just how it goes. We are planning the trip to San Diego for Dustin's Graduation and we are looking forward to a little down time. I Love You All GK

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Dustin Update

Well I want to apologize. This Blog has turned into the Dustin Update Blog. Well that should change soon because it really sounds like he is on the down hill side. We got a few letters this week. One letter was the day before he had Pugil Sticks 3. The next letter was after he had done the sticks. He said there was a padded room with an entrance on each end and a ledge where the DI's stood above them looking down on them. He entered one opening and the other marine entered the other. The only rule was there were no rules and they had 30 seconds to beat each other up. At the end of the 30 seconds they blow a whistle and it is over. Dustin said he entered the room and commenced to beat his opponent and his opponent was doing the same. Dustin knocked his opponents helmet off 5 foot in the air and commenced to concentrate on his opponents unhelmeted head. They blew the whistle and stopped the fight early. The opponent was very angry and went for Dustin and a DI jumped in the pit and put an end to the fun.

They had a PFT (Physical Fitness Test) and they had to run a 3 mile run. He finished 12th out of 356 people. He was very pleased with his results. (I was impressed.) He says that it is like being on a Football team 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

He has finished the First Phase of training and he is now in Camp Pendleton. (His mailing address is still the same.) He should be there for three more weeks. The last week is the Crucible. Kinda like Hell Week Initiation. Then he will move back to San Diego for several weeks and will Graduate April 14.

Love you all. Thanks for all the support everyone is giving Dustin.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Dustin's Letters & Phone Call

Well I am sorry it has taken me so long to up date the information. We have received three letters since the last post. It really sounds like he is getting adjusted to Boot Camp if that is possible.

2-5-06 Letter
....So my Platoon has been getting in trouble a lot lately, so I haven't been able to receive mail for a couple days so I can't wait to hopefully get a big stack of letters.... I have lost a lot of weight like almost 20 lbs. It is crazy I definately have your legs Dad.....Hey I'm keeping my chin up and Whooping Ass!!

...I'm doing pretty good in California, Day by Day. Chow by Chow. I am hanging in here like a champ. Keeping my chin up, going hard, and Kicking Ass!( A wise man told be to do it so I am taking his advice) Making the situation good! Jan 7,....I've been learning a whole lot about myself in this weird place. It is good and bad at the same time ya know what I mean! Tomorrow we fight with sticks again and I'm going to bring it. I wouldn't want to be the person going up against me!....

I received a letter from Ashley Dad, tell her I hope she receives a big poo soon. She'll know what I mean. I have not received any letters from yall in a while either mail just sucks or yall have gotten tired of writting me!!! either or I hope it is the first one......PS Someone eat a Candy Bar for me I am craving one! bad!!

...I'm doing Okay not letting anyone get to me if you know what I mean. I've been trying to make the best of it; it really isn't that bad if ya really want to know I've kind of got used to it. It is just like football/ getting yelled at all the time; the only difference is if they say something as the DI's they want a response, yes sir, no sir or aye aye sir.... So they told the Platoon we would be going up to Camp Pendalan on Saturday. They said I would still be able to get mail at the same address I just would not be able to write any letters for 2-4 weeks depending on how we do.....Will you let everyone know I Love them and I really appreciate their support!! Tell Me Maw I Love her too and thank you for the cards they mean alot!!!...Tell Kailen I Love him and want to write but don't have time yet....From San Diego;KICKING ASS, and GOING HARD! Love DKK

Phone Call 8 pm 2-15-06
Well I had accidently left my phone at the house and I was at my end of Basketball Season Referee Party. It was uneventful but I did miss Dustin's call. He was able to get ahold of Paula and Morgan. He finally got 22 letters on one day after going over a week and not getting any. 2 from Me Maw, Some from Ashley and her friends, some from Paula and I, some frome Kailen. He is now running 3 miles in less than 19 minutes. He said he gets plenty of exercise. Paula did say he is still real hoarse. His voice will not come back. Morgan had to ask who it was when she heard him talk the at first. At the end of the call He told Paulato tell everyone that he is "Kelly-ing UP" I take it that he is representing us in a manner we canbe proud of.

Thank You everyone for the support you are giving Dustin. I Love You All! GK

Monday, February 06, 2006

Dustin Is Now Getting Letters

Hey Everyone Dustin finally got some letters. He sounds so excited. I got three letters today and I will put bits and pieces on the Net for everyone to read. He says to "Tell everyone I said thanks for the letters Aunt Kristy, MeMa, and Paula, Morgan, you Dad." Well if he did not mention anyone he probably has not got it yet. The first letter i will post almost all of it and he wrote it Jan 31.

Dear Family,
I received mail for the first time last night it was awesome. I am so thankful. I hope it keeps coming. It lifted my spirits a couple of notches. Today we stayed really busy just like all the other days. I only have about 15 minutes every other night at the most to write a letter so sorry if I do not answer everyone’s letter individually. I hope that does not keep yall from writing. I have decided I need to be a winner no matter what (A wise man dropped me a line and informed me it really helped) Today was hard like always but not too hard for a Kelly!! We fought with the sticks. I knocked him down twice he couldn't hang with me and he was bigger. He fell pretty hard! Ha Ha.

Home sickness comes in waves I've found. Kind of like it blows in on the California Ocean every now and then but I am trying to be strong! ...... I have finally figured out some things in my life I had been searching for, for a long time. I finally know what kind of man I want to be. .....Brave, strong , hard working, caring, and full of love. It was right in front of me my hole life and I never saw it. I was stupid when I was younger. I took for granted way to many things I'm sorry. This place is weird I really do not get it but at the same time I do ha ha that makes no sense. Put as much of this letter on the internet that you want to. Tell everyone I said thanks for the letters Aunt Kristy, MeMa, and Paula, Morgan, you Dad. ......I can't wait to see all of yall. Miss yall bunches. I will write soon out of time love yall.
With All My Love Dustin Kit Kelly
P.S. I am learning how to march it is kind of challenging! haha

On February 2 He wrote "Tell everyone the letters are helping a lot and Thank You that I am doing well." ......"I have lost 15 pounds easy and I don't know it left really quick"....."Nothing about you alls life is boring trust me, standing at attention for 2 hours is boring. ha ha."....."The DI's have been keying off me today and yesterday it seems like they do not think I do anything right. Ohh well everyone gets their time to get picked on I guess. I'm not letting it get to me. They can't eat me. I am just getting in better shape! haha. That doesn't bother me. But keep praying for me. I need all the help I can get. ha ha I will survive yaya I think that is how the song goes." (I never knew Dustin was a Donna Summer or a Gloria Gainer fan.)

Okay, he wrote another letter explaining a day in the life of a recruit. He now can eat in less than 5 minutes. All in All it sounds to me like his head is in the right place. Thanks, everyone is making a difference. I Love You All GK

Friday, February 03, 2006

Letter From Boot Camp

We just got a letter from Dustin and I thought that everyone may be interested.
But First We have been writing letters for a good while and he still has not received a single one as of Jan 30. Well when he does start getting them he will not have a day with out a letter. He does not know I am putting it on the web, but I do not think he will mind. To me it sounds like he is doing really good.

Okay, Dustin's letter:

Dear My Family;


I am sitting at what is called medical pretty self explanatory I guess. I have a URI (upper respiratory infection) they say. I say I have good old Texas Allergies, even though I'm not in Texas, Ohh well I'll live. Time passes by pretty slow here although I keep trying convince myself it is going fast. Today is 30 of January and it feels like I have been here for over a year. The physical aspect of this is easy I think it is all mental, haha we were right! I find myself growing more and more into a better man everyday! I really value things a lot more now. I also believe I am getting a lot closer to the Lord more than I ever have before. I read the Scriptures every chance I get. It pulls me into it and makes me feel better sometimes, other times Ii pull out yall's pictures and look at them making me feel less homesick. I feel yall's spirit with me a lot. I am still waiting for letters to Finally get processed through so I can get them. Hopefully I get one tonight! I LOVE EACH ONE OF YA'LL A WHOLE LOT! I can't wait to see ya'll and talk to ya'll.

I hope this letter doesn't jump around too much for yall.

OVER ALL Other than being Home Sick and missing you all I am doing good holding up the Family name!

With All My Love;
Dustin Kit Kelly

PS If its not too muck trouble keep me in your prayers please. Love DKK

Sunday, January 29, 2006

First Phone Call

I got a call from Dustin this week. He was so hoarse he could hardly speak. I did not even know it was him at first. In addition we only had 30 seconds to talk. I was really worried after talking with him but on Saturday I got a letter he wrote after we had spoke and I feel much better. It sounds like he is doing well. I do not think he really knew what he was getting into but with out a doubt, he does now. He has told me it is the hardest thing he has ever done. I told him something Dad used to tell me about football when it was so hard I did not think I could go on. Dad would say "Just remember one thing, No matter how hard or bad it gets They can not eat you." Well Dustin has told me, he has had to remind himself of that and it is comforting to know that at least they can not eat him.

Monday, January 23, 2006


Kaila and Morgan did some toenail paintin'.....

I Can Post

See I may be slow but the fact that this worked this time means persistance pays off.

I am so proud of Dustin. Before Dustin went to Boot Camp he had to go to Dallas for testing. One of the things he had to do was Pull-Ups. The Commanding Officer came in and asked all of the recruits who was going to do the most pull-ups. A recruit with Dustin held his hand up and stated he was going to do 9. The officer asked if anyone was going to do more than 9. Dustin raised his hand and said he would do 20. The officer told Dustin that was 100%. He then told Dustin he wanted 22. Dustin told him that might be be stretching it a little. He told Dustin to give me 20 and some change. Dustin had to holler his name and ask permission to attack the bar. Well Dustin said he had to yell it about 10 times because he kept messing up. He said he was out of breath when he finally gained permission to address the bar. Well he did 21 pull-ups. In return the Officer gave him a gold medallion for his accomplishment. The closest person did 9. I think he will do well. Knowing Dustin I think he is going to love being a Marine.

We all had a great visit with Kailen, Ashley, Kaila, and Bricen. It was nice that they got to see Dustin prior to him going to Boot Camp. It is so neat having grand kids. But to tell you the truth I am really not old enough to have grand kids. I can not wait to see Madison, Ammon's daughter. Life is Good. Love Greg

Sunday, January 22, 2006

A couple more pictures of Dustin at his party. Kaila was acting silly with her Uncle Dustin!!!

We finally got some rain today. It started last night, and we even had thunder and lightning!! It has been wonderful!! Not enough to catch us up but at least it is a start. Maybe the drought is over.

Hope to have Dustin's address tomorrow. Will post it tomorrow night. Everyone have a good week. Love to all. p

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Going Away Party

Dustin about to enjoy his ice cream cake at his party on Saturday night.

Monday, January 16, 2006


Although we were referred to by a certain family member as "high tech rednecks", SOMEONE is having problems signing on again so this is another test. We took Dustin to the recruiting office in Waco today to head to Dallas and then on to San Diego. He will arrive there sometime after dark tomorrow night. For some reason, that is the plan. To have them arrive after dark. And then keep them up for a couple of days straight with no sleep. We got a partial address for anyone that would like to write to him. The Platoon number is all that is lacking and we should have that by sometime late in the week so will post the full address as soon as we get it. I will help Mr. Technology sign on so that he can post any comments that he might have. If all goes as planned, Dustin will graduate on April 14.

Kailen and family were just here for a few days and we had a great time with the grandkids. We had a good visit and it was nice for them to see Dustin before he left.

Morgan and I spent the afternoon shopping on MLK Day. We found a couple of pairs of jeans for her and some other things that she wanted. We decided that buying was more fun than just shopping!!

Everyone have a good week. Love to all. paula