Tuesday, February 28, 2006

No Dustin News

Well just like Dustin had said he was told they would not be able to write for awhile and I guess they were not kidding. We have not heard anything so there is no new news. As soon as I have any new info I will post it.

But Morgan is real busy. She is running track at school. Today I went to pick her up after practice and she was still running after many had already gone home. She starts softball next week. They are going to have 16 on their team this year. It is really too many but they do not have enough for 2 teams. She has done very well all year in school. She is not like I was because I had to really work hard just to get an acceptable grade. She works hard but her grades are far better than anything I could have ever wished to have achieved.

Paula is doing well. I know that many of you actually talk to her more than I do. We are looking for a house to buy together. Just in case some of you do not know she has said she will Marry me with one condition. You know there are conditions with everything and this was no different. She will marry me as long as we have 2 Garage Sales first. I hate having Garage Sales but I guess I will have to suck it up. We will have to see just how it goes. We are planning the trip to San Diego for Dustin's Graduation and we are looking forward to a little down time. I Love You All GK

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Dustin Update

Well I want to apologize. This Blog has turned into the Dustin Update Blog. Well that should change soon because it really sounds like he is on the down hill side. We got a few letters this week. One letter was the day before he had Pugil Sticks 3. The next letter was after he had done the sticks. He said there was a padded room with an entrance on each end and a ledge where the DI's stood above them looking down on them. He entered one opening and the other marine entered the other. The only rule was there were no rules and they had 30 seconds to beat each other up. At the end of the 30 seconds they blow a whistle and it is over. Dustin said he entered the room and commenced to beat his opponent and his opponent was doing the same. Dustin knocked his opponents helmet off 5 foot in the air and commenced to concentrate on his opponents unhelmeted head. They blew the whistle and stopped the fight early. The opponent was very angry and went for Dustin and a DI jumped in the pit and put an end to the fun.

They had a PFT (Physical Fitness Test) and they had to run a 3 mile run. He finished 12th out of 356 people. He was very pleased with his results. (I was impressed.) He says that it is like being on a Football team 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

He has finished the First Phase of training and he is now in Camp Pendleton. (His mailing address is still the same.) He should be there for three more weeks. The last week is the Crucible. Kinda like Hell Week Initiation. Then he will move back to San Diego for several weeks and will Graduate April 14.

Love you all. Thanks for all the support everyone is giving Dustin.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Dustin's Letters & Phone Call

Well I am sorry it has taken me so long to up date the information. We have received three letters since the last post. It really sounds like he is getting adjusted to Boot Camp if that is possible.

2-5-06 Letter
....So my Platoon has been getting in trouble a lot lately, so I haven't been able to receive mail for a couple days so I can't wait to hopefully get a big stack of letters.... I have lost a lot of weight like almost 20 lbs. It is crazy I definately have your legs Dad.....Hey I'm keeping my chin up and Whooping Ass!!

...I'm doing pretty good in California, Day by Day. Chow by Chow. I am hanging in here like a champ. Keeping my chin up, going hard, and Kicking Ass!( A wise man told be to do it so I am taking his advice) Making the situation good! Jan 7,....I've been learning a whole lot about myself in this weird place. It is good and bad at the same time ya know what I mean! Tomorrow we fight with sticks again and I'm going to bring it. I wouldn't want to be the person going up against me!....

I received a letter from Ashley Dad, tell her I hope she receives a big poo soon. She'll know what I mean. I have not received any letters from yall in a while either mail just sucks or yall have gotten tired of writting me!!! either or I hope it is the first one......PS Someone eat a Candy Bar for me I am craving one! bad!!

...I'm doing Okay not letting anyone get to me if you know what I mean. I've been trying to make the best of it; it really isn't that bad if ya really want to know I've kind of got used to it. It is just like football/ getting yelled at all the time; the only difference is if they say something as the DI's they want a response, yes sir, no sir or aye aye sir.... So they told the Platoon we would be going up to Camp Pendalan on Saturday. They said I would still be able to get mail at the same address I just would not be able to write any letters for 2-4 weeks depending on how we do.....Will you let everyone know I Love them and I really appreciate their support!! Tell Me Maw I Love her too and thank you for the cards they mean alot!!!...Tell Kailen I Love him and want to write but don't have time yet....From San Diego;KICKING ASS, and GOING HARD! Love DKK

Phone Call 8 pm 2-15-06
Well I had accidently left my phone at the house and I was at my end of Basketball Season Referee Party. It was uneventful but I did miss Dustin's call. He was able to get ahold of Paula and Morgan. He finally got 22 letters on one day after going over a week and not getting any. 2 from Me Maw, Some from Ashley and her friends, some from Paula and I, some frome Kailen. He is now running 3 miles in less than 19 minutes. He said he gets plenty of exercise. Paula did say he is still real hoarse. His voice will not come back. Morgan had to ask who it was when she heard him talk the at first. At the end of the call He told Paulato tell everyone that he is "Kelly-ing UP" I take it that he is representing us in a manner we canbe proud of.

Thank You everyone for the support you are giving Dustin. I Love You All! GK

Monday, February 06, 2006

Dustin Is Now Getting Letters

Hey Everyone Dustin finally got some letters. He sounds so excited. I got three letters today and I will put bits and pieces on the Net for everyone to read. He says to "Tell everyone I said thanks for the letters Aunt Kristy, MeMa, and Paula, Morgan, you Dad." Well if he did not mention anyone he probably has not got it yet. The first letter i will post almost all of it and he wrote it Jan 31.

Dear Family,
I received mail for the first time last night it was awesome. I am so thankful. I hope it keeps coming. It lifted my spirits a couple of notches. Today we stayed really busy just like all the other days. I only have about 15 minutes every other night at the most to write a letter so sorry if I do not answer everyone’s letter individually. I hope that does not keep yall from writing. I have decided I need to be a winner no matter what (A wise man dropped me a line and informed me it really helped) Today was hard like always but not too hard for a Kelly!! We fought with the sticks. I knocked him down twice he couldn't hang with me and he was bigger. He fell pretty hard! Ha Ha.

Home sickness comes in waves I've found. Kind of like it blows in on the California Ocean every now and then but I am trying to be strong! ...... I have finally figured out some things in my life I had been searching for, for a long time. I finally know what kind of man I want to be. .....Brave, strong , hard working, caring, and full of love. It was right in front of me my hole life and I never saw it. I was stupid when I was younger. I took for granted way to many things I'm sorry. This place is weird I really do not get it but at the same time I do ha ha that makes no sense. Put as much of this letter on the internet that you want to. Tell everyone I said thanks for the letters Aunt Kristy, MeMa, and Paula, Morgan, you Dad. ......I can't wait to see all of yall. Miss yall bunches. I will write soon out of time love yall.
With All My Love Dustin Kit Kelly
P.S. I am learning how to march it is kind of challenging! haha

On February 2 He wrote "Tell everyone the letters are helping a lot and Thank You that I am doing well." ......"I have lost 15 pounds easy and I don't know it left really quick"....."Nothing about you alls life is boring trust me, standing at attention for 2 hours is boring. ha ha."....."The DI's have been keying off me today and yesterday it seems like they do not think I do anything right. Ohh well everyone gets their time to get picked on I guess. I'm not letting it get to me. They can't eat me. I am just getting in better shape! haha. That doesn't bother me. But keep praying for me. I need all the help I can get. ha ha I will survive yaya I think that is how the song goes." (I never knew Dustin was a Donna Summer or a Gloria Gainer fan.)

Okay, he wrote another letter explaining a day in the life of a recruit. He now can eat in less than 5 minutes. All in All it sounds to me like his head is in the right place. Thanks, everyone is making a difference. I Love You All GK

Friday, February 03, 2006

Letter From Boot Camp

We just got a letter from Dustin and I thought that everyone may be interested.
But First We have been writing letters for a good while and he still has not received a single one as of Jan 30. Well when he does start getting them he will not have a day with out a letter. He does not know I am putting it on the web, but I do not think he will mind. To me it sounds like he is doing really good.

Okay, Dustin's letter:

Dear My Family;


I am sitting at what is called medical pretty self explanatory I guess. I have a URI (upper respiratory infection) they say. I say I have good old Texas Allergies, even though I'm not in Texas, Ohh well I'll live. Time passes by pretty slow here although I keep trying convince myself it is going fast. Today is 30 of January and it feels like I have been here for over a year. The physical aspect of this is easy I think it is all mental, haha we were right! I find myself growing more and more into a better man everyday! I really value things a lot more now. I also believe I am getting a lot closer to the Lord more than I ever have before. I read the Scriptures every chance I get. It pulls me into it and makes me feel better sometimes, other times Ii pull out yall's pictures and look at them making me feel less homesick. I feel yall's spirit with me a lot. I am still waiting for letters to Finally get processed through so I can get them. Hopefully I get one tonight! I LOVE EACH ONE OF YA'LL A WHOLE LOT! I can't wait to see ya'll and talk to ya'll.

I hope this letter doesn't jump around too much for yall.

OVER ALL Other than being Home Sick and missing you all I am doing good holding up the Family name!

With All My Love;
Dustin Kit Kelly

PS If its not too muck trouble keep me in your prayers please. Love DKK