Thursday, June 12, 2008


Today we dropped by my office, then traveled on across the Interstate to the "promised land", Baylor University. It was orientation week so instead of the campus being deserted like it usually is in the summer, there were lots of people walking around. We did get a parking spot pretty easily, though.
We stopped to see the Baylor Bear. He was out and about, which is quite a treat. When it is this hot, he usually isn't very active.

This was watching the bear through the glass window. Thank goodness. When Bricen saw the bear coming toward him, his comment was "he's coming, he's coming" and he jumped down off the window ledge, thinking he was going to get him.
We met Papa at McDonald's and had lunch, then went by to visit with my mom. We stopped at the Dollar Store for goggles and water guns, headed home to change into swimsuits, and went to swim at Ms. Carolyn's/Mr. Tom's. The kids had a great time.

Our objective when going to Baylor this morning was to get the kids some Baylor shirts. They decided they would put them on once they ate dinner and got cleaned up.
This is their imitation of how the bear stood on its hind legs.
We ate a quick dinner, turned on Bee Movie, and Bricen made it about 15 minutes before he was sound asleep. Papa just got in from a 7 on 7 football game and now the three of us are finishing up the movie.