Friday, June 06, 2008

Random plants

I just happened to glance at this cactus yesterday and it caught me totally by surprise. It was blooming. I planted this cactus after Greg found it when he went out in the country to bid on a job. I just remember that there was a cemetery involved and he found this cactus in the ditch across the street from it. We decided that someone must have taken some cactus to the cemetery and they were discarded across the street. I knew when I looked at them that they weren't native cactus.
I have no idea what type of cactus it is but it is cute.
This was my Mother's Day plant from Greg. He bought it for me because he thought it was unusual. I am not sure if there was some hidden meaning in this or not.
It is a type of hoya. Kinda twisted, I might add.....
A pineapple top that I planted. They will usually make a nice, decorative, and inexpensive plant.
I am off work next week. We are heading to Louisiana tomorrow to pick up the Florida grandkids (almost 6 and almost 3) and bring them home with us for a week. I sure do hope I can keep up with them!!! Have plans to visit the Waco zoo and the local water park. We will just figure out the rest of the week day by day.