Friday, May 13, 2011

Love it!!

I sent a hint out for ideas for Mother's Day....well, I didn't hint, I basically made a suggestion that the gardener in the family would like some gardening "things".....Brandon/Sam/Charley got me a strawberry pot, a larger glazed clay pot (which I have already found a begonia that will fit in it just great, just need to pot it now), a pair of titanium clippers, and a great pair of garden gloves!!
Jeremy/Marci/Jonathan got me a garden tool bag, a cushy kneeling pad, a couple of trowels, and a little rake.
The only thing that I didn't get was potting soil. So Monday after work, I stopped and bought two large bags!!! Woohoo!! Now I am all set, I bought some plants yesterday at Home Depot so this weekend, I hope to get happy "getting my hands dirty"!!! Thanks kiddos for all the great stuff!! Love you all!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Feed store

I had to go get seed for the birds and Jonathan went with me. There were baby chicks, baby bunnies, all sorts of birds but he was pretty impressed with one of the cockatoos. It kept saying "Hello" to him.....he was amazed!!

Hmmmm....that bird is sneaking up on me!!!