Monday, May 28, 2007

Church Camp

Morgan leaves tomorrow (Memorial Day) at 7:30 for Student Life church camp in Nacogdoches, TX and returns on Friday afternoon. Our group will be teaching backyard bible clubs for children in some project areas there. Evenings are for bible study and fellowship for the church students. Morgan always enjoys camp and returns home with renewed enthusiasm.

Home Again, Safe and Sound

We arrived back home about 5 PM today. Uneventful trip except for the continuing rain. Hope it stops long enough for us to mow and get some chores done at the house this holiday weekend.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Fredericksburg Day 2

Take note of the apple "gourds" that Susan had painted. Greg volunteered to gather and wash the eggs both days and then to put them in the cartons. Lindsey, their daughter, came in for the holiday and jumped right in to the work at the store. We had such a good visit with our friends. They were wonderful hosts and we will go back again soon. We came home with lots of peaches, fresh eggs, and tomatoes. Susan and I share many good memories of our high school years and were able to also share them with Daniel and Greg. We laughed over some of the silly things we did. I am so thankful for great, longtime friends!!

I luv ya, Su!!!


It rained so much that we almost talked ourselves out of our trip. But we took a chance during a lull in the downpours and headed to the Hill Country. We both arrived unscathed, me in the car and Greg on the bike. I did have to turn around once from a low water crossing that was blocked off. We got to the house at about 5 PM. Susan and Daniel were busy with customers until closing time. Had a nice dinner at a German beer garden and got up early on Saturday to help out. I think Greg and I both have a new appreciation for farmers and just what goes in to growing produce, as well as running your own fruit market. The place was hopping all the time!! Not only do they sell their own peaches and veggies, they bake bread, cinnamon rolls, sell jellies/salsas/relishes, old style cheese, eggs, and homemade peach ice cream. Susan was finishing the hot bath on some really scrumptious jalapeno pickles. We did get to town for the crawfish festival shortly after lunchtime and between downpours. There were polka type bands and lots of good cajun food/beer. We had a good time.

San Antonio

My training in San Antonio was fun. Got to see some work friends from different parts of Texas, ate some great food, and laughed a lot. Oh yeah. I did learn a few things at training. Wouldn't want them to think that it was ALL fun. It would have been better if it hadn't rained nearly the whole time. It started storming on Thursday evening, even here in Waco. The pictures are from my hotel room on Friday morning, with the Alamodome and the Space Needle from the World's Fair that was held in San Antonio in the late 60's being blurry from the heavy rain.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Move Over Easy Rider

We have been looking for a Goldwing for a while and finally ran across this one in Whitney, Texas. It is beautiful and in immaculate shape, especially for a 1997. We picked it up on Friday and spent some time on it this weekend. Thursday and Friday, I will be in San Antonio for training so Greg is going to leave sometime after noon on the motorcycle and meet me in Fredericksburg for a couple of days. It is located in the Hill Country so will make for a nice ride. There is a Crawfish Festival going on so there will be music and food. Luckenbach is just a few minutes away. Will stay with my best friend from high school who, with her husband, owns a peach orchard/market. Hopefully, we can help them out in their store on this busy, holiday weekend.

In the future, we hope to make some long trips to Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, and yes, Dorothy, even Kansas!! Everyone have a great week!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Cats with No Name......

These kittens are either playing or sleeping!! I did find the white cat intently watching the fish in the aquarium last week..........

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Greg and I drove around on Sunday afternoon taking pictures around Waco for a project. I got the idea from Kristy and am just now getting started on it (Kristy, if I start now, maybe it will be done in 5 years or so!!) Waco is really a very pretty town. Of course, we have Baylor (we have three graduates, hopefully a fourth with Morgan), the Suspension Bridge, the tallest building in town (ALICO), and the federal courthouse where I work.


It is quite a menagerie at our house. These are my $.25 each feeder goldfish that I bought about three years ago. They were very small when I got them. They are each now over 6 inches long. (You can see how large they are compared to the new, small fish in the tank.) They started out at Greg's house in a portable outside aquarium. They are now in a large black plastic tub. The white fish jumped out several times and the last time Greg found him not in the water, he was dry and flies were already on him. He dunked him into the water several times and he came back to life. I am hoping to keep them healthy until Greg can build me some type of pond/waterfall in the backyard.

How Does Your Garden Grow?.........

The garden looks really good. This is the largest tomato so far, and there are many on the plants.

Prom Time

Our niece, Katie, a sophomore, was chosen as an usher at the Robinson prom this past Saturday. She looked very pretty and grown up!!

Newest Members of the Family

We just acquired two kittens last week. They are brother and sister and are yet unnamed. We are trying to come up with something cute but Morgan insists that we call the female Precious. I was thinking maybe Donnie and Marie..........of course, Morgan didn't even know who they are!! Kittens are in the laundry room for the time being but will soon find themselves elsewhere. They are to be outside mousers. They are fun to watch when they are playing and are pretty unfazed by the dog. She is stressed and crabby over them being around. Hopefully she will get happier once they move outside.

Just over a week of school left. Hard to believe as it seems it just started. Morgan leaves for church camp for the week on Memorial Day. It is a working camp this year as they will be leading bible school in some projects. She gets her license in July and hopefully will be able to find a part-time job. And before we know it, it will be time to start school again!!

We are still working on the house. Hope to have the electrician out end of the week to wire the new patio and painters will be out this weekend to paint the trim. Getting the garage ready for Greg to rock the outside so that we never have to paint again. Hopefully the rock will come soon and we can get to that before it gets too hot. Summertime in Texas is not a fun time to work outside!!

Congrats to grads Katie and Jessy!! Way to go!!