Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Morgan's Katrina/Rita Weekend

Hey guys long time no post!!! Well there is no new news from California. I guess they were serious about having less time to write. To tell you the truth I do not expect any letters to be written by him this week anyway. It is probably the most physically demanding week of his life. I can not wait to hear about it. As soon as I know anything you will know also.

This past weekend Morgan went with her church group down to Vidor Texas to assist those affected by the hurricane, Katrina/Rita. We bought her some tools and she left Friday afternoon with a smile on her face. She went with Jeremy,Paula's son, and his wife, Marcie. While they were down there they all slept in a church each night. The first night they did not get there until 1 am. Needless to say she was ready for some sleep. The next couple of days they worked from 7:30 am till after dark each day. When she got home she was telling me about her new appreciation of construction work. She has also grown a fond attachment to her hammer. She says that she really has an appreciation of having a roof over her head like never before. I think she had fun although I know she was really spent by the time she got home. She slept the entire next day after getting home Monday night around 9:30 pm. I was very proud of her!!!!!! My little missionary... I keep telling her that she might look into the Peace Corps. My only fear is I am sure they are for the most part the biggest Liberals around and I am not sure how her conservative up bringing will fit in. Oh well!!! I guess we will just have to wait and see. Morgan says, "Why hug trees when you can hug people!!!" My only hope she is not talking about the local BOYS.

Love you all and Happy Wednesday!!!!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Dustin's Friend Adam Joins Marines

Hello everyone!!!!

Well it is another day in paradise and all is well. Today I received a letter from Dustin. It was the first letter from him after he found out Adam, a football buddy of his, has joined the Marines. I had told Dustin I did not think Adam knew what he had gotten him self into, just like Dustin. Adam had asked me if Dustin liked it? I knew then Adam did not quite fully understand bootcamp. Dustin said, "Man, he is in for a surprise now. ( You were right I had no idea what I had gotten myself into and I guarantee he doesn't either.)" Dustin gave me three simple things to tell Adam to help him and I am trying to get ahold of him before he leaves.

From Dustin's letters it is very obvious that he has done alot of self introspection (I think that is the word)or how about soul searching or self analysis, to try to figure himself out. Basically it just sounds like a young male that is growing into a man.

It sounds like he has adjusted very well to his surroundings. I am sure it has gotten easier but probably even more is the fact that all the recruits have adjusted and become more like they are supposed to be, young Marines. They have been trained, they changed, and now is just the way they are. John and Jeff probably understand it better than any of us. It is totally Greek to me. The closest I got to doing it was taking the ASVAB test.

Well needless to say I am very proud of the soon to be Jar Head. Just 5 weeks left. Yesterday was Gas day and apparently it did not kill him. He has qualified with his rifle. Crucible is next week and after that he is back in San Diego so we are good to go.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Paula's Comments

Paula posted a comment to my post but I wanted to be sure everyone saw it. I guess you could say it is her "parliamentarian Point of Clarification". So I wanted to make sure everyone was clear.

Paula's comments,
"He took my comment so literally. My point was that there was more to getting married than just signing the paper and combining households. We both have things to work out as well as me having 25 years of "garage sale" stuff to get rid of. Stay tuned. This should be good.......luv you guys, paula"

To tell you all the truth I am just lucky she would even consider the possibility of hitching up with me. I am a very lucky man.
Well I also wanted to let everyone know I am about to wrap up the 3 year remodeling project I have been doing on Paula's extra bathroom. You should have seen it. I gave her a custom texture job on the walls a couple of weeks ago. Well yesterday I took a blade and removed most of my custom texture job and will attempt a different custom texture finish. She was right it wasn't right. Well I think there will be less than 6" of plaster on the walls when I get done but at this rate I am not certain. Ha Ha Ha I am reminded, If at first you don't succeed.... Well you know the rest. My hope is to have the bathroom complete before we go to California. I got a letter from Dustin and an update is forth coming. Love Ya GK