Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I was informed today by a coworker that I needed to update the blog so here goes. I just hadn't gotten a chance to go through the pictures. We left for Florida on Tuesday afternoon about 5:30 PM, getting to Shreveport at about 10. We got going the next morning at about 5 AM. Greg was getting the motorcycle ready to go.
The sun beginning to rise, taken from the back of the motorcycle.

I forgot just how pretty it is early in the morning. Most of the time I am too busy getting ready for work to get a chance to really appreciate it. And you REALLY appreciate it while riding the motorcycle.
A cool bridge crossing the Mississippi River.

Uhhhh....Mississippi was an ok place but I don't think so.......
We stopped at the visitor center to pick up a Mississippi map, and it was a good excuse to get off the bike and stretch.
Shortly afterwards, it looked as though we were going to get wet. And we did, but just a little. We must have put on our rainsuits three or four times during the whole trip. Most times by the time we put them on and rode about 5 more minutes, the rain would be over. On Thursday night, it rained hard enough that we opted to stop the bike under an overpass and sit it out. Riding in the rain will make your hiney tighten.
The niece and nephews came to visit Wednesday afternoon. They were giving Uncle Greg and Memaw quite an exciting time on the swing.