Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Real Deal

This is one of many nice shots that I got of Morgan. This one wasn't even posed, she was just getting ready and I was snapping away. I agree with you, Lorie. She is a beautiful about-to-be-16 young lady!! Photoshop credit goes to Brandon Dieterich.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Uhhh, Lorie.....what did you say about Morgan????

I just had to post this picture of Morgan. We were taking pictures on Sunday and she started goofing around, making faces and acting silly. I will post a few more later.

The End is Near

"OK, honey, it is time to get on the ladder....."

We are getting close to being done with the patio. We had intended to leave it unfinished but once the electrical wires were run, and the birds and wasps decided it was a good place to live, we decided to close it in. I think I like it better this way. It looks really good. All that will be left to do soon is to paint the trim. Of course, it will have to stop raining first. It continues to rain and rain here. A rare thing in Texas this late in the summer!!

Plums and Pears

The plum tree is loaded with fruit. We can not eat this many plums. I need to find someone that will take them and do something with them.

The pear tree doesn't have as much fruit on it as the plum. And they won't be ready until fall.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

It's Always Something

Well, we now have two cats again. Greg and I were riding the motorcycle on Saturday afternoon on a rural road. We saw something in the road and when we passed it, it was a little kitten. Greg turned around and I picked it up, expecting to find that it had been hit by a car. Instead, we are now thinking that she took a ride underneath a car and had a dismount at a high rate of speed. When we first got her home, we thought she was blind. I didn't know if I was ready for a "challenged" kitten. She didn't run into anything but she could not focus. She had a big, puffy spot on the front of her forehead which we assume was fluid from what was probably a "kitty concussion". She has some scratches on her face (you can see them in the picture), a busted lower lip, and a mashed end of her tail. She was covered in fleas. The strangest thing is that her coloring is such that she could be the sibling of the cat we already had; she appears to be about 4 weeks younger though. Morgan and I have babied her, and worked with her all weekend. Every day we see her getting better and better. She appears now to be able to see, although we think her vision must be somewhat blurry at best. The other kitten is just so excited about having another playmate, although not always a willing one. She is pretty rough with the "baby" when they play. But they have become pretty good friends as you can see from the pictures!

Saturday Breakfast aka Kelly Food Network

Hah! I can take pictures of food just like Pioneer Woman!! ( And by the way, Greg LIKES his bacon extra crispy like this!!

Garden Critters

We were picking tomatoes in the garden on Saturday and figured out why the rabbit has been hanging around so much.......

.....a nest full of baby bunnies!! We counted 5 of them. They are right in the middle of the area where the tomatoes are and the mother rabbit was really very smart. We had covered the area with chicken wire to keep the birds out. We didn't know momma bunny was going to figure out a way in and have her babies there. They are so cute. Once they open their eyes, they won't be around here long.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

YAHOO!! Morgan Returns Home!

Morgan got back from Florida today, after having a flight delay yesterday. She had quite an enjoyable couple of weeks. I think she went to the beach, spent the day with MeeMaw and helped her with catering, had a yummy Father's Day meal, spent time with her Grandma and Grandpa, and Mom, and got to chase around with the nieces and nephew. It is good to have her back home!! Love you, Morgan!!

Clos Du Bois

This is a really nice white wine. We sat outside tonight after Greg got home from his 7 on 7 game and relaxed on the porch swing.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day, all you Dads!!

Flowers from this weekend

Hill Country Creatures

I lucked out and got this shot of a deer from a moving motorcycle. Greg discovered this huge walking stick while we were walking at the lake. Notice his phone up above to compare it's size!

Redbirds Flew the Nest

We came home today to find two of the baby redbirds gone and the third sitting on the edge of the nest. They were not even fully feathered and don't think they were ready to leave but apparently they did!! The parents were chirping to them all evening long. Hope they lay low until they can fly better!!

Does this bring back memories?

How many of you ever sat at a booth in a diner and picked your songs from the juke box? Or lived in a house that had a refrigerator that looked like this one? The frig was in our cabin and the juke box was one of many old items at the restaurant in Clear Springs.

Saturday's Travels

These pictures were taken on Saturday. It is quite a feat to take shots from the back of the motorcycle. The last two were taken over the top of Greg's helmet, just point and shoot. The last picture shows the wildflowers that are still in bloom!! We drove through the Hill Country, continuing to run into shower after shower. We went through New Braunels, Gruene (pronounced green), Blanco, Luckenbach, and even dropped in on the peach growing friends in Fredericksburg. We got home about 5:30, having had a great trip!!

Canyon Lake

We took our first trip on the motorcycle to Canyon Lake this weekend. We left Friday at noon, in the midst of a day of showers. We got rained on during the three hour trip (thank goodness for rain suits) but it wasn't too bad. Rain does make the driver nervous, as well as the passenger!! We ate dinner that night in a teeny little town called Clear Springs, where the only restaurant serves the most scrumptious, huge stacks of onion rings, catfish, hushpuppies, and Greg even gave the cole slaw kudos as well. The cabin we stayed in was primitive, but clean. A huge thunderstorm came through that night so Greg was up early to dry off the bike for our day's travels. The Guadalupe River was running strong but there were still many "toobers" floating along.

Friday, June 15, 2007


We had quite a downpour this evening and Greg's 7 on 7 games were cancelled. After it was all over, we were treated to a beautiful, complete rainbow. It was really pretty. Just sorry I couldn't get a different lens on the camera to see if I could capture the whole thing!
Praying for a safe delivery for the new Imhof baby tomorrow!! Best wishes guys! Luv ya!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007


I came home from work one day to find that the painter had left me a message........

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Kids Are Coming Home to Texas

Tonight, Samantha and Brandon are on their way back to Texas from North Carolina. She has finished her residency (has it really been three years?) and is now a full fledged pediatrician. She accepted a job with Scott & White (a HMO) in Round Rock, which is a little over an hour down I-35 from Waco. It will be so exciting to have them back in Texas!!! Love you guys!! Welcome Home!!

Wildlife in Robinson

We have had so many rabbits at the house this year. There are always a couple in the yard somewhere. They play chase and run, eat the cracked corn that the birds knock out of the birdfeeders, clean up the plums that have fallen off the tree, and of course, the dog thinks she might just catch one some day. They get less scared of us every day, proven by the fact of how close I got for this picture. The redbirds appear to be all hatched out. I can see one egg remaining so assume that it was not meant to be. If I miss days checking on them, they are liable to be gone like the bluebirds. As the water has dried up, so too have the mosquitos gotten fewer and less aggressive. We sat outside for a while tonight while Greg grilled and it wasn't a constant battle with them. I really enjoy being outside in the evenings after being cooped up in an office all day.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Silly Girls at Camp

Youth Camp Pics

Was able to get copies of camp pictures this morning. These are just a few of them, the youth were doing bible school at the projects in the area.