Monday, June 09, 2008


The kids slept late this morning so I got a few things done around the house. We had pancakes for breakfast, then played outside a bit, then built with Legos, and had some lunch. After lunch, we swung on the big swing and got the sidewalk chalk out. Bricen is posing for me to outline him.
This is the picture of Bricen that we did.
Kaila sent a special message to her mom and dad.
This was Kaila's picture.
Can you guess who this is? I look like a giant blob.
Grandkids in chalk.....
Afterwards, we had to spray each other with the waterhose to get the chalk dust off.........


The Wife said...

You're fish is on his last leg. Thought he was dead this morning but he was still moving....barely. Feed him. He did eat. Maybe he will make it till you return. Have fun with the kiddos.


Kellys said...

OK. Have a funeral for him if he "passes".....and PLEASE don't buy me another one!!! p

Anonymous said...