Friday, August 11, 2006

Happy Birthday Morgan and Jeremy!!

Morgan and my youngest son, Jeremy, share a birthday on July 11th, Jeremy turning 26 and Morgan 15. We all went out to our favorite steak restaurant for dinner. As you can see, Jer just didn't share Morgan's enthusiasm with the whole "swing the napkin over your head" celebration. We did have a good time. Happy Birthday Jeremy and Morgan and wish you many, many more!!

School about to start next week and Morgan is keeping us hopping. She made the volleyball team (YEAH Morgan!!)so between band practice and volleyball practice, it is non-stop. Being a freshman certainly steps up the activities!!

My dad is still about the same in ICU. Two surgeries in 10 days for an 81 year old man is pretty tough. I do appreciate the emails, as well as your thoughts and prayers. We just take one day at a time.

Still working on the house. Are planning to move in by the end of the month so that means between Morgan's activities, hospital visits, and working, we must fit in time to move!! Life is good!! I just wish for a cool front and not these over 100 degree days that we are having so that moving would be a little easier.

The other picture is Morgan's birthday present, a beautiful old cedar chest that belonged to her "surrogate" grandmother that was her neighbor for many years. We lost Marcia to cancer earlier in the year but she is not forgotten.

Love you guys, paula