Sunday, November 12, 2006

Gourd Website


Lorie said...

Wow!!! Sometimes I forget to check your site because you don't update it that often, but geez. I blink and you have added 3 posts. You go girl!!

Yeah Morgan, I don't know if I could have handled too long at a gourd show, but that one WAS beautiful. Quite impressive.

Try to enjoy a little of the down time. I am proud of you Morgan for keeping up the grades along with your busy schedule. you are awesome!!

Greg, enjoy your referring. I wish the picture was more close up.

Paula, you stay so busy just keeping up with this gang. You are a good woman. ha

Love you all.

Kellys said...

Lorie, what do you mean "ha"?

Lorie said...

I was trying to soften the blow to the others saying you were good to put up with them.

I love you and think you are the best!!

By the way .... thanks for my card!!

somebody said...