Monday, January 23, 2006

I Can Post

See I may be slow but the fact that this worked this time means persistance pays off.

I am so proud of Dustin. Before Dustin went to Boot Camp he had to go to Dallas for testing. One of the things he had to do was Pull-Ups. The Commanding Officer came in and asked all of the recruits who was going to do the most pull-ups. A recruit with Dustin held his hand up and stated he was going to do 9. The officer asked if anyone was going to do more than 9. Dustin raised his hand and said he would do 20. The officer told Dustin that was 100%. He then told Dustin he wanted 22. Dustin told him that might be be stretching it a little. He told Dustin to give me 20 and some change. Dustin had to holler his name and ask permission to attack the bar. Well Dustin said he had to yell it about 10 times because he kept messing up. He said he was out of breath when he finally gained permission to address the bar. Well he did 21 pull-ups. In return the Officer gave him a gold medallion for his accomplishment. The closest person did 9. I think he will do well. Knowing Dustin I think he is going to love being a Marine.

We all had a great visit with Kailen, Ashley, Kaila, and Bricen. It was nice that they got to see Dustin prior to him going to Boot Camp. It is so neat having grand kids. But to tell you the truth I am really not old enough to have grand kids. I can not wait to see Madison, Ammon's daughter. Life is Good. Love Greg