Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Dustin's Letters & Phone Call

Well I am sorry it has taken me so long to up date the information. We have received three letters since the last post. It really sounds like he is getting adjusted to Boot Camp if that is possible.

2-5-06 Letter
....So my Platoon has been getting in trouble a lot lately, so I haven't been able to receive mail for a couple days so I can't wait to hopefully get a big stack of letters.... I have lost a lot of weight like almost 20 lbs. It is crazy I definately have your legs Dad.....Hey I'm keeping my chin up and Whooping Ass!!

...I'm doing pretty good in California, Day by Day. Chow by Chow. I am hanging in here like a champ. Keeping my chin up, going hard, and Kicking Ass!( A wise man told be to do it so I am taking his advice) Making the situation good! Jan 7,....I've been learning a whole lot about myself in this weird place. It is good and bad at the same time ya know what I mean! Tomorrow we fight with sticks again and I'm going to bring it. I wouldn't want to be the person going up against me!....

I received a letter from Ashley Dad, tell her I hope she receives a big poo soon. She'll know what I mean. I have not received any letters from yall in a while either mail just sucks or yall have gotten tired of writting me!!! either or I hope it is the first one......PS Someone eat a Candy Bar for me I am craving one! bad!!

...I'm doing Okay not letting anyone get to me if you know what I mean. I've been trying to make the best of it; it really isn't that bad if ya really want to know I've kind of got used to it. It is just like football/ getting yelled at all the time; the only difference is if they say something as the DI's they want a response, yes sir, no sir or aye aye sir.... So they told the Platoon we would be going up to Camp Pendalan on Saturday. They said I would still be able to get mail at the same address I just would not be able to write any letters for 2-4 weeks depending on how we do.....Will you let everyone know I Love them and I really appreciate their support!! Tell Me Maw I Love her too and thank you for the cards they mean alot!!!...Tell Kailen I Love him and want to write but don't have time yet....From San Diego;KICKING ASS, and GOING HARD! Love DKK

Phone Call 8 pm 2-15-06
Well I had accidently left my phone at the house and I was at my end of Basketball Season Referee Party. It was uneventful but I did miss Dustin's call. He was able to get ahold of Paula and Morgan. He finally got 22 letters on one day after going over a week and not getting any. 2 from Me Maw, Some from Ashley and her friends, some from Paula and I, some frome Kailen. He is now running 3 miles in less than 19 minutes. He said he gets plenty of exercise. Paula did say he is still real hoarse. His voice will not come back. Morgan had to ask who it was when she heard him talk the at first. At the end of the call He told Paulato tell everyone that he is "Kelly-ing UP" I take it that he is representing us in a manner we canbe proud of.

Thank You everyone for the support you are giving Dustin. I Love You All! GK


ashley said...

It's about time, I've been waiting for an update!

I must clarify, the big poo I was waiting for was Kendall's not my own. She delivered in full force!
Love you guys,

Lorie said...

What wonderful letters and I am feeling really bad. I have not written him yet, though I think about it everyday. I think I am going to print out some of my blog and send it to him. That is an update of my family and then I can jot a note as tohow proud I am of him.
I must say ... Ashley can be pretty anal about her poo.
Paula... you asked what I did to learn. First I use adobe photoshop elements I have the 4th edition, but the earlier ones are great too. Look at the link to on my blog. It gives lots of great tips and tutorials. As for my camera, I just researched lots. I will look for some of my greatest tips and pass it on. Biggest tip. Don't take pics in middle of day unless you are in shade or in garage with indirect light (that is beautiful). But out in it when sun is high makes unflattering pics.
Love you all!!!

Lorie said...

Okay.. I have to say. I just copied all my pages and this is so cool. It gives him pictures and all our comments to read. I think he will love it. If you just highlight the pictures and words, when you hit print, you can just print selection and it comes out great. I will put this in the mail today. Guilt gone.

Kellys said...

Thanks for the tips. Although I know there is more to it. Not as easy as you make it look. And I just printed the Texas Kellys blog yesterday and dropped it in the mail to Dustin. I figure he can see what everyone else is reading about him. Have a good weekend!! luv, paula

Anonymous said...