Friday, February 03, 2006

Letter From Boot Camp

We just got a letter from Dustin and I thought that everyone may be interested.
But First We have been writing letters for a good while and he still has not received a single one as of Jan 30. Well when he does start getting them he will not have a day with out a letter. He does not know I am putting it on the web, but I do not think he will mind. To me it sounds like he is doing really good.

Okay, Dustin's letter:

Dear My Family;


I am sitting at what is called medical pretty self explanatory I guess. I have a URI (upper respiratory infection) they say. I say I have good old Texas Allergies, even though I'm not in Texas, Ohh well I'll live. Time passes by pretty slow here although I keep trying convince myself it is going fast. Today is 30 of January and it feels like I have been here for over a year. The physical aspect of this is easy I think it is all mental, haha we were right! I find myself growing more and more into a better man everyday! I really value things a lot more now. I also believe I am getting a lot closer to the Lord more than I ever have before. I read the Scriptures every chance I get. It pulls me into it and makes me feel better sometimes, other times Ii pull out yall's pictures and look at them making me feel less homesick. I feel yall's spirit with me a lot. I am still waiting for letters to Finally get processed through so I can get them. Hopefully I get one tonight! I LOVE EACH ONE OF YA'LL A WHOLE LOT! I can't wait to see ya'll and talk to ya'll.

I hope this letter doesn't jump around too much for yall.

OVER ALL Other than being Home Sick and missing you all I am doing good holding up the Family name!

With All My Love;
Dustin Kit Kelly

PS If its not too muck trouble keep me in your prayers please. Love DKK