Tuesday, February 28, 2006

No Dustin News

Well just like Dustin had said he was told they would not be able to write for awhile and I guess they were not kidding. We have not heard anything so there is no new news. As soon as I have any new info I will post it.

But Morgan is real busy. She is running track at school. Today I went to pick her up after practice and she was still running after many had already gone home. She starts softball next week. They are going to have 16 on their team this year. It is really too many but they do not have enough for 2 teams. She has done very well all year in school. She is not like I was because I had to really work hard just to get an acceptable grade. She works hard but her grades are far better than anything I could have ever wished to have achieved.

Paula is doing well. I know that many of you actually talk to her more than I do. We are looking for a house to buy together. Just in case some of you do not know she has said she will Marry me with one condition. You know there are conditions with everything and this was no different. She will marry me as long as we have 2 Garage Sales first. I hate having Garage Sales but I guess I will have to suck it up. We will have to see just how it goes. We are planning the trip to San Diego for Dustin's Graduation and we are looking forward to a little down time. I Love You All GK


ashley said...

I didn't even know that you asked! Congratulations! I already felt like you were a sister-in-law anyway Paula. Glad it will be made official.

Wise move on the garage sales too.
Love you guys!

Kellys said...

He took my comment so literally. My point was that there was more to getting married than just signing the paper and combining households. We both have things to work out as well as me having 25 years of "garage sale" stuff to get rid of. Stay tuned. This should be good.......luv you guys, paula

Anonymous said...