Thursday, April 13, 2006

What A Day!!!!!

Family Day was great!!!! When we got to the MCRD at 7:00 am, the soon-to-be Marines were on the Parade Grounds practicing for graduation tomorrow. Dustin was about 300 yards away and we were able to find him out of about 350 recruits. It was great. At 9:40, all the recruits lined up right in front of us to start their 4 mile stroll. He was only feet away. Of course, he was not allowed to acknowledge anyone. They started the run and they made a pass right by us about 10 minutes after they started. As you can see, he did see us (problems with picture download-picture to come).

We went to lunch after he became a Marine. We ate at a buffet at a restaurant on base. We were able to keep him from scarfing in 5 minutes. We sat there about an hour talking and he then went for seconds. It was so funny watching these young guys later eat candy. They haven't had anything like it for almost 13 weeks. I am sure some of the bathrooms will get a lot of use tonight. You would think they were eating gold!!!!! Lifes simple pleasures have taken on a new meaning for these young men.

Dustin left as a boy and after visiting with him for 4 hours today, he is definitely a young man that has had an awakening. Things matter. It is a beautiful transforation. He has grown up and he is seeing life thru different eyes. It is great talking to him.

As you can see, he looks great (check out the BC glasses). All we wanted to do was just sit and talk and that is mostly what we did.

Tomorrow, Graduation is at 10 am and by Noon, he will finally be ours for 10 days. I really do not think any of these young men will sleep much tonight. It was such a wonderful sight and feeling seeing all the young Marines and their families. Everyone was so nice and excited. Truly proud to be Americans. All these young boys believe in Honor, Courage, and Discipline. It all matters and is important. Such a sharp contrast to so many young people in our society today. Dustin has found a new set of brothers.