Sunday, March 05, 2006

Paula's Comments

Paula posted a comment to my post but I wanted to be sure everyone saw it. I guess you could say it is her "parliamentarian Point of Clarification". So I wanted to make sure everyone was clear.

Paula's comments,
"He took my comment so literally. My point was that there was more to getting married than just signing the paper and combining households. We both have things to work out as well as me having 25 years of "garage sale" stuff to get rid of. Stay tuned. This should be good.......luv you guys, paula"

To tell you all the truth I am just lucky she would even consider the possibility of hitching up with me. I am a very lucky man.
Well I also wanted to let everyone know I am about to wrap up the 3 year remodeling project I have been doing on Paula's extra bathroom. You should have seen it. I gave her a custom texture job on the walls a couple of weeks ago. Well yesterday I took a blade and removed most of my custom texture job and will attempt a different custom texture finish. She was right it wasn't right. Well I think there will be less than 6" of plaster on the walls when I get done but at this rate I am not certain. Ha Ha Ha I am reminded, If at first you don't succeed.... Well you know the rest. My hope is to have the bathroom complete before we go to California. I got a letter from Dustin and an update is forth coming. Love Ya GK