Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Dustin's Friend Adam Joins Marines

Hello everyone!!!!

Well it is another day in paradise and all is well. Today I received a letter from Dustin. It was the first letter from him after he found out Adam, a football buddy of his, has joined the Marines. I had told Dustin I did not think Adam knew what he had gotten him self into, just like Dustin. Adam had asked me if Dustin liked it? I knew then Adam did not quite fully understand bootcamp. Dustin said, "Man, he is in for a surprise now. ( You were right I had no idea what I had gotten myself into and I guarantee he doesn't either.)" Dustin gave me three simple things to tell Adam to help him and I am trying to get ahold of him before he leaves.

From Dustin's letters it is very obvious that he has done alot of self introspection (I think that is the word)or how about soul searching or self analysis, to try to figure himself out. Basically it just sounds like a young male that is growing into a man.

It sounds like he has adjusted very well to his surroundings. I am sure it has gotten easier but probably even more is the fact that all the recruits have adjusted and become more like they are supposed to be, young Marines. They have been trained, they changed, and now is just the way they are. John and Jeff probably understand it better than any of us. It is totally Greek to me. The closest I got to doing it was taking the ASVAB test.

Well needless to say I am very proud of the soon to be Jar Head. Just 5 weeks left. Yesterday was Gas day and apparently it did not kill him. He has qualified with his rifle. Crucible is next week and after that he is back in San Diego so we are good to go.