Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Party

Finally, it was time for the surprise party. It was at Skopelos on the Bay, also owned by the birthday girl/husband. The view from the restaurant is great!!
Greg took this picture of the cake. We thought all we would have to do was flip it but it just didn't look right from that angle.
There was great food and drink, a wonderful band, and lots of Nancy's family and friends.
Greg and Nancy sharing a sweet brother/sister moment.
All the girls: Lorie, Sara, Millie, Nancy, Kristy, and Ashley.
(Sorry Lorie, I just had to snag this picture that was taken with your camera.)Nancy and Gus

Kendall and Uncle Greg
Alex and her dad, John (Lorie's husband)
Greg and his mom
Gus is Greek so he and the family did this really great Greek dance. It was a fun end to the night!!!