Saturday, June 20, 2009


Saturday we met Ashley and the grandkids at Cracker Barrel for lunch. The kids have grown so much.
Kaila gave Papa quite a run for his money in a lively game of checkers.
I think she beat him at least once!! Good job!!
Kaila will be in second grade. She is really a "girlie" girl. Her outfit was all matching, even down to her flip flops and the bow in her hair!!!
Bricen is all boy, through and through. He noticed that there was one hole with no "tee" in it on the game at our table so he just politely reached across to our neighbor's table and took one so that all the holes would be full. Then we had to explain to him that to play the game, one of the tees had to be missing, so that, like checkers, tees could be jumped. He understood, and he and Papa got a very good score on one of their games.
We had a good visit, really enjoyed seeing them all!!