Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nancy's Haute Affairs

As if the birthday girl doesn't have enough going on with a restaurant, a diner, and a successful catering business that has been running out of both establishments, Nancy has now opened another food related business. She makes catering appointments for weddings and parties here now.
They also offer a daily selection of gourmet "take out" food, ready for the busy woman/man going home from work and wanting to grab dinner for their family. The day we were there, the food looked yummy.
Nancy, as well as her sister Kristy, have such an eye for decorating and knowing just where to put what.
She has oils, and sauces, and butter, and wine, and pasta.
She also has samples, which Greg was taking advantage of....
It is really a nice place.
Kristy works for Nancy several days a week, as does Stosh.
I know Nancy's new venture will be a wonderful success!!!