Monday, June 08, 2009


My mom went through some of her parent's things within the last several months. There were just a few things that I requested. Nothing with any monetary value, just sentimental. I remember my mawmaw serving tea from this metal pitcher.
My Papa built this shelf for my grandmother. The picture isn't real clear but it is a small corner shelf made of very thin wood, and held together by metal rods that were run through wooden spools, with screws on the top. It sat behind a chair in her living room and when we were little, we were allowed to sit behind the chair with a dish towel and "dust" all the nick-nacks that were on it. We played with those nick-nacks while we dusted.
I have no idea where the nick-nacks came from, I suppose just collected over the years, and this one with the house and little dog I remember so vividly.
These are more things we were allowed to dust. Then, on the right is one of the goblets that I also remember so well. When we would all get together and eat at my grandparent's house, the kids and the men ate first, the kids at the kitchen table and the men at the dining room table. The women ate when the men were done, enjoying the time to eat and visit with each other while the men went off to watch tv and smoke. When there was a small group there to eat, we all were able to sit at the dining room table and when you ate at the "big" table, you got to drink out of one of the stemmed goblets. That was a BIG deal to me!!
The last thing was the button jar. I don't think this is the actual jar they were in, I am thinking they were in a coffee can. But we would spend many hours sorting the buttons by color, by size, by the ones we thought were prettiest.
These are all such good memories for me, a simpler time when we were kids and didn't have the worries of today. Where we could be entertained by a jar of buttons.....