Saturday, June 20, 2009


We stayed at Greg's mom's house and so did his baby sister and her two girls. We got to visit with them and totally enjoyed Kendall and Kate (and it IS Kate....if I called her Katie, Kendall was very quick to correct me!). The girls were such a joy to be around. They were polite, pleasant, happy, and well behaved. Their parents have done a great job with them!!
Millie worked hard on this cake for the "decoy" birthday party on Friday night. It was yummy!!
The reason for the "fake" party was so that the birthday girl wouldn't suspect anything about the "real" party on Sunday night. She was totally surprised when she saw everyone on Friday night and thought that was the end of the celebration.
Nancy, the birthday girl, and her son, Stosh, who was heading to a fancy dance later.
Nancy, Kristy, and Millie are acting silly!!
Uncle Pat making Alex and Dani take a breathalizer test BEFORE going to the dance. What is with that???? Aren't they supposed to do that afterwards???