Sunday, June 21, 2009

Destin, FL

We rented a car on Sunday morning. After lunch, we drove to Destin. I have heard many people say that it has prettier beaches than Pensacola. Being a Texan who only has Galveston and South Padre to compare to, I couldn't see how any beach could be prettier than Pensacola Beach. I have to say that they are pretty close. Greg couldn't get over how many people were on the beach at Destin.
He said when they would go as kids, there were never many people at the beach.
The sand was so white and the water such a pretty jade blueish/green. We weren't dressed for the beach but I had to get my feet wet.......and my pants got kinda wet, too.
On the way back, we crossed a bridge and these boats were all stopped on a sand bar. It appeared to be one big party. People were walking from boat to boat, visiting and having a good time.