Friday, June 26, 2009


Jonathan hadn't been to visit us since before we went to Florida. Since it was so hot today (I think it was like 105), we got the pool from the garage and let him play in it. He had a good time, although I don't think he quite understands why it is ok to get in water other than in the bath. Papa even cooled his feet in the pool.
Jonathan LOVES the dog for some reason.
Tonight, he kept putting the cup full of water to his mouth and choking himself. I finally had to take it from him.
Next, we went to visit the horse that now lives next door. I have taught him to come when I whistle because I also take a carrot or pear from the tree for him to eat. I think Jonathan must have thought this was the biggest dog he had ever seen. He wasn't so sure about it at all.
After dinner and his bath, we took Jonathan for a wagon ride (after it had cooled down into the 90's). He sure looks like he enjoyed it!!
I think we tired him out. After a bottle, he went to sleep and I don't think he moved. He was sound asleep when his mom and dad picked him up.

Tomorrow we get up early to work on the rock on the garage. It is lookin' good!!