Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sunday 3/8

Our motorcycle trip to Fredericksburg was rather uneventful. Well, if you don't count the pickup truck that was fully engulfed in flames on the shoulder of the interstate about 30 miles from Waco. Luckily, we skirted through the grass to the service road and were on our way. We rented a kabin at the KOA campground the first night. We wanted to see how the kabins (and yes, that is how they spell it) were to see if they would be good for a trip to Indiana some day. You must bring your own linens, and use the bathhouse. There was no tv or radio, although I did think to take our clock radio from home. The kabin was really cute and it really wasn't that bad. Especially when you are traveling and all you do is sleep and get back out on the road the next morning.
We again went to visit my best friend from high school that owns the peach orchard. They have also purchased some property on the other side of the highway to someday build a home. Susan took us to see it. She spotted this big owl and Greg got several pictures of him.
Everything was so dry, just like here. But dryness is unusual in the Hill Country. Susan's property did have this creek running through it. No, the duck is a decoy.
The creek has lots of rocks in it and Susan/Daniel have planted some trees where they will build the house.
We got up early the next morning and headed out. Our destination was San Antonio but we wanted to do a bit of motorcycle riding first.