Sunday, March 15, 2009

Being a Grandparent is GREAT!!!

Today was a wonderful day. We got to see or talk to all our grandkids!! Aunt Mo was helping Marci feed Jonathan his carrots for lunch.

Samantha, Brandon, and Charley made it to Sunday lunch today. Jeremy got to hold his niece for the first time. I asked if he knew how to hold something "pink". I think he did a great job!!
Charley has grown so much. I ran across a newborn picture of her today and the change is just amazing!! I think her daddy said she weighs over 9 pounds now. She is playing "fingers" with Aunt Mo.
Papa even got to do a little "rockin".....
This afternoon, I called Madison. Papa and I both got to talk with her. She is doing well in Georgia. Hard to believe she is already 4 years old. Her dad is going to send us some new pictures and I will post them. But until then, this is the newest picture of her that I have.
Tonight we got a call from Kaila and Bricen. They had been looking at the blog and Kaila wanted to tell us that she liked our new shower. Bricen was jealous when he saw "his Papa" holding other babies. They are such good kids. And so smart. Bricen was watching monster trucks on the computer. Kaila was about to get ready for bed and school tomorrow. Both are in the Easter program at their church. Hope their mom sends us some pictures of them.

We have truly been blessed!!!