Friday, March 27, 2009

Office Plants

OK, all you "non" plant people just bear with this plant person for just a bit. I was watering today before I left work and noticed something on this old "corn" plant. It has been around for many years. It started out very small and in my office. It has now graduated to the boss' office and is over 6 feet tall.
It had a bloom on it!! I knew they bloomed but had never actually seen one.
This is a schefflera that is very old. It came from the boys' maternal great grandmother. She used it to prove to me that you CAN root a cutting from this plant. It is over 6 feet tall, too.
This split leaf was just potted last year. Once the threat of frost is over, it will go back home in a few weeks to sit on the patio.
This is the ficus tree that I rescued last June from the ditch where a neighbor had dumped it without even a pot. It was so dry that I soaked it for days in a large trash can of water. It really looks great and it will also travel home shortly to summer on the patio.
Several of my work BFF's from several different offices in the district sent this to me when my dad died. I haven't always had good luck with rubber plants but this one is doing quite well.
The peace lily was sent at the same time. It dries out so fast, I probably need to repot it. And it appears that it could stand some plant food, as well, to green it back up.
I can't remember how old this ficus is. It has made a couple of office moves with us. It has really done well sitting at this window. It is so full and green. It could probably stand to be repotted but I am almost afraid to mess with it since it looks so good.
There are quite a few more plants in the office but these are the largest and oldest. Needless to say, it takes me a while to get them all watered. But I enjoy taking care of them. Maybe when I retire I can get a job at a nursery.......