Sunday, March 08, 2009

Robinson Girls win 3A State Championship

The Robinson girls basketball team played in the final game for the state championship yesterday morning at 10:00. The game was played at the Frank Erwin Center, home to the Texas Longhorns. The arena was huge.
It had been 29 years since Robinson won the state championship in 1970. They had been to the state tournament several times since but had been beaten on those occasions. Girls basketball is a big thing here in Central Texas.
The students decided they wanted to show their support by sitting in the same section.
Robinson fans are very supportive of their students, no matter what event it is, winning or losing, they are always there.
The Robinson girls came to win this game. The opposing team, Argyle, never had a chance.The team celebrating at mid court. The arena staff are cutting both nets down to drape over the state trophies.
The scoreboard told the story.
The girls come to the sidelines to share their trophy with their fans. I am one of the lucky few who can say they saw both state wins (I was only a freshman in high school the first time).Then we went to Papadeaux to celebrate. It is probably the closest place to Waco to get good seafood. That is, of course, not counting Dieterich's Super Seafood of Round Rock......
It was an exciting day to be from Robinson!!!