Monday, March 09, 2009

Monday Afternoon 3/9

In San Antonio, we stayed in a motel which was much more to Greg's liking. It had a tv and a remote!!! We didn't waste any time getting to the riverwalk.
We ate at Casa Rio. It was good Mexican food.
I was very pleased with my little 50mm lens. It was rather dark outside already when I took these pictures from the table where we were eating.
Mariachis will come by and serenade you.
We were playing with the candle at the table and decided to make use of the light that it gave off. How did that margarita get in the picture?????
When you travel by motorcycle, you wear a cap alot......even when you go out to eat!!
After our meal, we went to a piano bar called Durty Nellys. The piano player is really good, and sings a few tacky little songs along the way. Everybody in the place was singing along to the oldies that he was playing. Of course, he got a tip from me for the Neil Diamond song....
It was a fun night.


dieterich said...

I'm just glad the marachi didn't come by with a guitar case full of guys....

Kellys said...

What time did you post this? Were you sleep deprived? I am assuming you didn't see how to spell mariachi, and you mean a guitar case full of "guns"??? Maybe referring to a scene in a movie??

somebody said...