Saturday, March 07, 2009

Jonathan's First Softball Game

I babysat with Jonathan tonight and Papa umpired some softball games here in town so we went to see him in action. I loaded up the jogging stroller that I bought, grabbed the diaper bag, and off we went. Jonathan does NOT like wearing a cap and kept taking it off, but I finally got it on him and got him distracted enough to leave it alone. Papa came to visit with us between games.

"Hey Blue, where's my pacifier?"
"Oh, there it is. I thought it was lost."
"Oh geez. Everyone wants to kiss on me. Just don't knock my pacifier out of my mouth, ok?"
"Gotta hold this thing in and make sure it doesn't come out again. I think Papa is after it."
"OK, now let me look at you. Yep, you're my Papa, all right.....just never seen you dressed like this before."
OK, guys. Smile for for the camera.......ok, just smile......nevermind......
What a cute pair!!