Monday, March 09, 2009

Monday Morning 3/9

When we left Fredericksburg, it was very cloudy and just a fine little drizzle was falling. The road we took was very winding and steadily climbing uphill. It will make your hiney tingle to ride in such. But luckily, the pilot was pretty steady. :)
We had decided the evening before to visit the Natural Bridge Caverns on the way to San Antonio.
The caverns are really cool. I have been several times and still enjoy it.
A nice lady offered to take our picture. Greg had her use the flash and we look a little "ghostly", to say the least. I tried to fix it in Photoshop and it was pretty useless. There are a couple of me later on that are so white you could draw eyes and a mouth on my face.
The caverns are very interesting.
Then it was on to San Antonio and the Riverwalk.