Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Aquarena Springs

On our way home, we also stopped in San Marcos. Years ago, when I was a kid, we had visited a place called Aquarena Springs. It was a type of water amusement park, created due to a large spring which also feeds the Edwards Aquifer. There were glass bottomed boats, a submerged "submarine" auditorium where you could watch clowns and mermaids swim underwater. There was even a diving pig. The local college in San Marcos, Texas State University, purchased the park several years ago and now it is used only for research. About all that is left is the boats, which we took a ride on. It was a lot of fun. The water is so clear and clean enough to drink.
I realized that our reflections could be seen in the glass "bottom" of the boat so tried to catch it with the camera.