Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mr. Kelly's Classroom

I was waiting to post about Greg's first week of teaching until I made sure that he survived. The first day was pretty rough but he says each day since then has just gotten better and better as the students began to abide by the rules.

Greg's desk.
Greg's classroom.....
Student lockers that are in Greg's room.....
Since Greg teaches science, we seek out whatever live creature we can find for him to take to school. This and another frog came to us from my sister's yard and they now live in the aquarium in the classroom.
We also bought a beta fish to go in the small aquarium that we had. Greg let the students nominate and pick the name of the fish. This is what won. The mascot for his school is cadets
and their school colors are blue and white.....
.....and the fish is blue.
Mr. Kelly writing information on the board. We went up to school today to pick up some things that Greg needed to work on
Greg really is enjoying teaching so far. Will check with him later on in the year.