Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Day

We took advantage of a last long weekend and headed out on the motorcycle early this morning. We stopped in McGregor and ate at this well known little cafe. They had a breakfast buffet and we ate WAY too much but it was delicious!!
We headed toward Moody and Mother Neff State Park, one of Greg's favorite areas. The park has had lots of problems in the last years. It has been flooded from heavy rains on several occasions and has been closed to campers off and on. It was open today. On the way, we rounded the corner and saw a huge herd of goats coming down the road. They were everywhere!! They also had two large white guard dogs with them, that were just mostly curious regarding a couple of people on a motorcycle.
We continued down the road and followed the goat "poop" on the road for at least a mile or more. When we saw no more "signs", we turned into the driveway of a rustic house (this is the nicest word I can think of right now, it was one of those places where old cars go to die) and a grizzled looking man was coming out to get on his four wheeler. Greg asked if he had goats and he said "yep", and Greg told him they were out and heading toward a main road. The man just chuckled and responded "yep, sometimes they head to Moody, sometimes to Gatesville, since it is a holiday, I don't know where they were going." He was totally unconcerned so we decided that he must let his 150+ goats out occasionally for them to forage in the road ditches along the way. Not quite sure how you get that many goats back in a pasture but Greg said he bet he had feed in the bucket that he carried with him and coaxed them to follow him.

Greg knew where there was a "cave" at the park and we walked down to it. There were Indians buried in the cave but they were moved when the state began to do some work there. I thought the dark spots on the right side of the picture was some type of plant life that was attached to the low ceiling of the cave. WRONG!!
When I took a closer look, there were THOUSANDS of what Texans call "grandaddy long legs"!! They are harmless, they are just creepy.
It was a beautiful drive through the park. The road winds around, back and forth.
It started to get warmer once we left the park at about 11 AM, so we headed home. We had work to do on this "labor" day.