Monday, July 07, 2008

New pictures.......

I took these pictures this morning. Jonathan didn't have his toboggan on.
I stayed the morning with mom and baby while dad went home to shower, pick up some things, and take a nap. He looked much better at noon upon his return to the hospital. Then Mimi went to work.
They are supposed to go home tomorrow. I know the family will all rest better once they get out of the hospital. They about drove me crazy this morning because someone was coming into the room every 30 minutes or so to do something either to the baby or to mom. Just about the time everyone would get settled and napping (or almost napping), the door would open and someone else would come in. It was tiring ME out!!
The baby does well when he is swaddled. I watched the nurse wrap him this morning and I can wind him up in his blanket to where he is about the size of a football. He loves it!!